High Fat Raw Paleo Diet to Lose Weight – Gain Health and Gain Beauty

A high fat raw paleolithic diet is the hardest diet to get into because of cultural conditioning against eating raw meat, against consumption of large amounts of fat and having to give up your favorite starches. The results of your efforts will be the most rewarding as you gain health and beauty at the same time, losing weight merely becomes a secondary issue and is guaranteed to lead to an ideal set weight.

From fossil records, a raw paleolithic diet can be seen as the original human diet even before cooking started, one could infer that this is the original diet of humans. Raw paleo diet is composed of these foods:

(1) Animal meat with their organs including prized fatty parts like back fat, bone marrow and brains; these could be aquatic or land based animals.

(2) Then there are ripe or unripe fruit.

(3) Then there are edible when raw vegetables.

The theory is, nature cannot possibly be wrong. Going back to the original, natural fuel for humans and humans are transformed into the naturally self repairing healthy, beautiful, athletic beings we were meant to be.

Raw fat is the preferred fuel of the body which is concentrated and gives steady clean energy, avoiding the sugar highs and lows in high carbohydrate diet. Raw fat is cleansing and lubricating at the same time.

Raw proteins are the preferred form of protein by the body as this is natural, clean, pure and muscle building, even without gym exercises you can maintain a lean muscular physique.

A small amount of carbohydrates in hydrating fruit and vegetables gives you extra vitamins and minerals.

Multivitamins are usually raw organs like raw liver, kidneys and other internal organs from such animals as oysters and small fish you eat whole.

When you begin a high fat raw paleo diet, you may get an initial detox phase for a few days, but on the first month you should be on your way to feel an enormous healthy feeling that only gets better and better. In many more months you will notice you may have stopped getting sick. After about a year, friends and family who you may not have seen for a long time will comment how beautiful you have become and will ask you, no plead with you to tell them what your secret is.

A high fat raw paleo diet involves consuming a majority raw animal foods diet with fruits and vegetables playing a smaller but important part of the diet.

Source by Eli Edwin Casimero

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