History Of Accurist Timepieces

The past 60 years of Accurist watch manufacturer tells a remarkable story of the development of one of the industry’s most famous independent watch companies. Established in 1946, Accurist is today recognised as a timeless British classic brand and proud to be the official timekeeper of Greenwich meantime.

At a time when a timepiece was still considered a ‘once in a lifetime’ purchase, Accurist watches were first created to provide the British public with a line of classic watches that was very reasonably priced, fashionable and possessed lasting value. It even bore a name that promised precision Accu(accurate) Rist(wrist) and its use of Swiss components delivered on that promise.

The rest, as they say, is history. Accurist watches became an instant hit with the famous and fashionable, with Princess Anne, Twiggy and the Beatles among the millions worldwide who wore the timepieces that became synonymous with the mini skirt, Carnaby Street and swinging 60’s London.

Accurist did not stop there. In the 1970’s, after the invention of digital quartz technology they created a range of high quality LCD digital quartz watches that were so modern they became the official watch for pilots of the newly launched Concorde aircraft.

You may have recently seen an advertisement on television for Accurist watches featuring the legendary John Cleese looking rather youthful. It is a rework of an multi award winning advert (including the prestigious Palm d’Or Advertising Award) that was released in the 1970’s. The now famous ‘accu-ankle, accu-wrist’ sketch has been relaunched to give new viewers a chance to enjoy this great ad.

Accurist watches for men and woman still creates timepieces to treasure for the people of Britain and beyond. It continues to be the only British watch brand that is officially associated with the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, providing them with the Atomic Clock. Its collection of Accurist watches wins new fans all the time, taking Britain’s best to a whole new audience.

Popular ranges include recent addition Charmed, a ladies-own collection that provides fashionable females with a bracelet timepiece on which decorative jewellery charms can be added. Meanwhile, gents can enjoy the sporty functionality and durability of Accurist Pro Timer. Men have a choice of anything from very basic timepieces to sportsman watches great for the outdoorsman to professional watches that will perfectly compliment a business suit.

The British brand is also a leading producer of gold watches, offering desirable gold timepieces for both ladies and gents. A variety of dress watches and chronograph models are also available, demonstrating Accurist’s versatility as a brand.

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