History of Colloidal Gold

Modern History

The first modern chemist to succeed in creating a true colloidal gold was distinguished English Chemist Michael Faraday who produced pure colloidal gold in an experiment in 1857. It has been reported that in the early 1900’s doctors in the west would implant a $5 gold piece under the skin near an arthritic joint, and the patients pain would subside greatly or disappear.*

In western medicine, gold has been used continuously since 1927 in an injectable salt form to treat arthritis.* Many cultures are aware of the benefits of gold in the system.* Gold coated pills and ‘Gold Water’ have been available over the counter for well over 100 years in Europe. Gold has a long history of use in India and China where even today people in some rural villages are known to cook their rice with a gold coin to replenish the gold in their bodies.

The 1965 19th edition of the Materia Medica listed colloidal gold as the number one remedy for obesity.* In India gold has been revered in India for 1000’s of years. The ancient Ayurvedic text “Rasa-Jala-Nidi” (Ocean of Indian Chemistry and Alchemy) states “Gold is soothing, pure, nutritive, curer of poison, phthisis, insanity and other diseases. (…) Gold increases vitality, fortune, beauty, intelligence, and memory. It pacifies evil influences exerted on human beings by ghosts, is an aphrodisiac and gives rise to happiness and nutrition.

Gold (…) prevents senility, removes loss of memory and consciousness. It removes thinness, develops the mind, and increases semen.” (Mookerji, Kaviraj Bhudeb [Translator]: Rasa-Jala-Nidi vol. 2 Delhi 1990 Parimal publ., p. 239f * *Elements for Life inc. makes NO CLAIMS whatsoever, for Colloidal Gold! Colloidal gold is not a drug, it is not a medicine, it is not a therapy or a substitute for proper medical care. If you have an illness or disease consult a qualified medical professional. No product produced by Elements for Life inc. is intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Colloidal gold has not been tested or approved by the FDA.

New research suggests that positive emotions can affect our physical health in a positive way. Even laughter has been shown to cause our cells to release powerful natural substances known to dramatically boost the immune system! Did you Know? Our astronauts use a gold micro-film on the windows of the space shuttle and other spacecraft to protect themselves from harmful space radiation? This gold microfilm gives the glass a pink tint just like colloidal gold! Modern science confirms the ancient alchemical understanding that gold is an element that can exist in several anomalous states. One anomalous state that gold can exist in is a red powder formed when gold arranges itself in micro-clusters between 1-90 nanometers in diameter. (Human hair is 1 billion nanometers in diameter!) Modern science also confirms the ancient Egyptian understanding that the soft yellow metal we know as gold becomes a white non-metallic powder when it is broken down into individual single atoms (monatomic).

Its probably no coincidence that many of the alchemists Ancient History and Legend Gold tonics have been used for centuries for rejuvenation, youthing, maximization of potential, and over all emotional well being. The earliest known use of gold was in ancient Egypt, where the priests, who were also chemists, prepared it into a both a red and white powder, which they used as a nutrient to fortify their mental and emotional reserves in preparation for their very intense “spiritual purification” practices. They also esteemed Gold as being able to restore youthfulness, vitality, and perfect health. * In later centuries a group of “philosopher scientists” known as “alchemists” learned how to prepare a substance known as “red powder gold”. The alchemists claimed many of the same benefits from the “red powder” form of gold as did the Egyptians, including the ability to harmonize the emotions and allow the body overcome the symptoms of aging as well as restore a sense of youthful vitality. *

The Mayan culture has revered gold for thousands of years. It is interesting to note that it seems that they used this precious metal to high degree for their eating utensils! Could this be because they knew that over time their bodies would absorb microscopic amounts of gold and gold ions picked up from their plates, bowls, and drinking glasses? We think its possible! Paracelsus, who is considered to be the historical forefather of modern pharmacology, was a well-known physician who studied alchemy and developed medicines from metallic minerals including gold. Paracelcus had a reputation for curing patients who were considered to be beyond the help of the physicians of his time. What did Moses of biblical fame do when upon descending from the mountain he saw the Israelites bowing to an Idol fashioned in the shape of a golden calf?

Exodus 32:20 says “and he took the golden calf that they had made, and burned it in the fire, and ground it into a powder, and strew it upon the water and made the children of Israel drink of it”. The bible is also clear that Moses was schooled in the “high-arts” of all of Egypt! This explains why even though gold normally just melts when heated Moses would likely have known how to perform processes which rendered gold a powder that could be ingested”. What a wise way to remind the people that that they were not to look to, or worship external reference points for connection to divinity. The fact gold is considered by some to support a calm, inspired, and focused state of being, conducive to a prayerful inner connection with the divine, sheds further light on why Moses may have made them ingest the gold they worshiped. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This information has not been reviewed, validated, or approved by the FDA *Notice Information in this section is from third parties and is a part of the historical record. As such it is being is provided as a courtesy for information and research purposes only and should not be used to make a purchasing decision. Colloidal Gold is a trace mineral nutrient. Colloidal gold is not a drug, it is not a medicine, it is not a therapy or a substitute for proper medical care. If you have an illness or disease consult a qualified medical professional. : Persons interested in the benefits of colloidal minerals are advised to research many online articles, including FDA Articles about it’s usage. Buy Colloidal Gold At: www.noblelifeelements.com/wildalchemist [https://www.noblelifeelements.com/wildalchemist].

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