Horse Racing: How To Find The Holy Grail Of Handicapping – Part 2

How to find the holy grail of handicapping means you’re looking for the system(s) or method(s) that will give you – THEE – best or highest winning percent for any one or all in-the-money positions (win, place, show, fourth and fifth) and wager types. This here is a fact: that each position has a different best method or system for it. This is a big and important piece of the puzzle. The morning line or track program isn’t the best system for each position. There are other systems that are better. But you must find them and that’s what handicapping is about.

The morning line is good but not the best but it can be used as a standard to measure and calibrate other systems. Once you find the holy grail of handicapping you won’t tell others. This would remove your edge. That’s a no no. There are two halves to racing: handicapping and profitcapping. Both of these must synchronize in order to make money. One without the other is useless. It’s not enough that the player have the best handicapping method for win, place or show but – can you make money with this. That’s when you’ve discovered the best handicapping method(s) for what you’ve chosen to play.

By synchronize is meant that whatever handicap method(s) or system(s) is found that gives the most wins in any in-the-money position(s) or wager type(s) must also be able to give the player profit or make money in the process or it isn’t the holy grail of handicapping. This is where you’ll be given a major secret in racing and that is how to find or use the – METHOD – to find the holy grail of handicapping. The method is Advnced Statistical Handicapping. It’s that simple. Racing’s a basic statistical game.

That’s what the daily racing form is. A basic statistical newspaper. This is the METHOD to find the holy grail of handicapping. The method is used to test every and all possible combination(s) of factors, sub-factors, sub-sub-factors, angles, sub-angles, sub-sub-angles, means, methods, way, manners, systems and forms for each one or all in-the-money positions and/or wager types. Don’t do it by hand because it will take months to years. That’s how I had to do it so many years ago. Today use a computer system and get a handful of associates to help. That’s the fastest way.

Your handicap method must match your profitcap method. This lets you know that money can be made from the system or method. There’s a way to find all of this out. Your objective is to test every possible handicap method which runs into the several of thousands and compare their capacities. To find the holy grail of handicapping you’ll have to do it the right way. This is partially how to find the holy grail of handicapping.

Source by Jessie R Johnson

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