Horse Racing: How To Use Basic Statistis In Racing

How to use basic statistics in racing? You use it all the time you’re at the track. Tip sheets are made from stats. The major newspaper’s handicapping picks are also. Virtually everything else to do with selecting horses and predicting profit or making money. There are two main divisions to racing: handicapping and profitcapping. Each division is 50% of the game and each one uses statistics to predict their own outcomes. Each one. Because racing’s a statistical game. In the end stats are in a list type form and you take this information and analyze it to make sense of it.

This produces answers that’ll help you make money. Racing statistical information is almost always in a list form on any one or all things. Whether it’s a handicap method such as class, form, track bias, etc. Or wager types such as trifectas, exactas, place pick all, etc. To do statistical work collect information on any one thing that belongs to handicapping or profitcapping. But all cases you must collect large enough amounts to make a firm assessment. IN RACING YOU MUST HAVE STATISTICS. Many players simply don’t grasp how important this is and don’t know how to use basic statistics in racing.

Even though they use it all the time. They refuse to do their own which would be an immense help. As an example: let say you want to find out just how good and bad the Beyer’s speed numbers are. You want to know how good it catches the place position. So you take a sample of 5,000 races containing their respective Beyer’s numbers. With this sample size you can do win, place, show, fourth and fifth positions if you want. But you like playing the place position. This will become a list of when the highest Beyer’s number came in place position.

And this can be turned into a percent when analysis is done. You also want to use the same 5,000 races to find out the same for the horses Form and compare it to the Beyer’s numbers as a separate percent. What if you wanted to find out how good the best Form and the best Beyer’s numbers are as unitary method. What is their percent as a single method for the win and place positions using those 5,000 races. Not only would you see how Beyer’s and Form faired separately but also as a unit method percent. This is partially how to find the most powerful systems and methods and how to use basic statistics in racing.

Source by Jessie R Johnson

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