Horse Racing: Is There A Most Powerful Method In Handicapping?

Is there a most powerful method in handicapping? Yes – but the player must see things a certain way to find it. And it’s not just one method or system. It depends on: (1) what money value position(s) (win, place, show, fourth and fifth) you’re playing. (2) What wager type(s) you’ve chosen to play. (3) Can you do very basic statistics. (4) Do you understand the overwhelming importance of field size in racing. (5) Can you grasp that racing’s made of two major halves: handicapping and profitcapping and how to use them to reach your goals.

Also: (6) Do you grasp simple profit and ROI. All of these tie in together. Even though it’s a straight forward matter on how to find the most powerful methods in handicapping it must be done a certain way. And a computer program is the shortest route to an answer. Once a superior method is found it will be seen to include one or more order-of-finish-positions (OFP’s) of 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th, 5th, etc. depending on the field size. And one or more wager types in one or more field sizes. Once the player has found these handicap methods then it’s time to match it to profitcapping methods.

To find the most powerful handicap method you must use Advanced Statistical Handicapping – simplified. This is the – METHOD – that’s used to find the most powerful methods in handicapping for specific purposes. The player must use the METHOD with honed skills and exactness because there are several negatives in racing to always keep in mind. (a) that racing’s complex and that there are no 100% guarantees. It becomes possible even with the strongest materials at your command that a player can make a little profit instead of a large profit after a lot of work liked wished for.

Also: (b) corruption: that is to say the illegal, underhanded and unethical things done in the background that can make you lose several or more good races. Races that could have been won under normal conditions. Somethings of course are beyond a player’s control. So all contingencies must be taken into account. Lack of understanding of what they’re in fact doing is a main reason players can’t find answers in handicapping and profitcapping to predict and determine to the finest degree possible the order-of-finish-positions (OFP) of a race(s).

To do this the player must handicap each race one by one and also within the context of a 3-10 years forecast and outlook statistically. You must find the most powerful method or system for each field size, each wager type you chose to play. This is partially how to grasp if there’s a most powerful method in handicapping.

Source by Jessie R Johnson

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