How to Act Cute in Front of Guys! Here Are the Acts Which Will Make Any Guy Adore You

Some men like it hot. They like the sexy seductress in red lipstick and smoking hot clothes. But there are some who get drawn to the cute girl. Here are a few ways to act cute in front of guys.

To be cute in front of guys you will have to learn to flirt. But this time your flirting will not be direct and overt. It has to be a little coy and shy. Say something overt and then pretend to be embarrassed and feel shy. You get the drift…

Eye fluttering
Your eyes have to do a lot of talking if you want to act cute in front of guys. You could look at a guy, look down and then smile sweetly, or pretend to get caught looking at him. You could use your eyes to signal him over if you are with friends or do the eye roll to show that you are getting bored and smile at him in an encouraging way so that he comes over to ‘rescue you’.

Be oblivious of your beauty
Now to act cute you obviously cannot have the diva attitude. So be oblivious to your beauty. When he compliments you make sure you look surprised and thank him for it. Men find it endearing when the woman they are with has a childlike quality about her.

Dress sexy not sultry
The clothes that you wear should obviously be sexy but don’t cross the line and look like the sultry beauty. You do need to make his head turn and make him take notice of you and hence you have to look attractive.

Flatter him
The other thing that men find very cute is when the woman they are with gets all wide eyed. It is very flattering to them to know that someone is that impressed by something very simple and small. But make sure that your flattery sounds genuine. You could say something like “wow, that’s fabulous….I haven’t met anyone who can do/has done that”.

Laugh a lot
Make sure that you turn on the laughter button when you want to be cute in front of guys. Even the lamest jokes should crack you up and you should come across as fun, easygoing and uncomplicated.

Indulge him a bit
Make sure that you allow him some space for indulging in a bit of bragging. Push him intelligently towards what you know he does well. Speak to others around you in his presence about his achievements. He will find you endearingly cute.

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