How to Buy the Right Running Shoes

Choosing the right shoe from a large collection is not always easy. There are lots of brands to choose from and you find it hard as to what you should make your decision upon. If you want to make sure you get out of the store with the pair of shoes that fit you, you should avoid the common mistakes mentioned below. Read on to find out which mistakes to avoid and you are supposed to do to invest your money on the right thing.

Common Shoe-buying Mistakes

If you ask the staffers at the specialty stores, they will tell that you that buyers make the same mistakes over and over again when buying shoes. Below are the 5 common mistakes you may want to avoid.

Buying for looks

While fashion is important, you shouldn’t be too concerned with it. It happens many times that a buyer picks up a pair of shoes that looks great. And they buy the thing without taking other factors into account. After a few days, they come back complaining that the shoes hurt their feet. So, the point here is that when you purchase a pair, you should put it on and go for a short walk. This way you can find out if you feel comfortable in that shoe. If you don’t, you can give and back and try out another.

Benefit from Discounts

Before you make the payment, you should ask if they offer any discounts for club members. The majority of specialty stores do offer special discounts that may be up to 20% in some cases. To avail the discount, you just need to sign up and become a member of the club.

Don’t Buy a Pair That is Too Small

Shoes that don’t fit well may cause black toenails and blisters. Women tend to put on close-fitting shoes, as they are kind of too self-conscious as far as the measurement of their feet is concerned. So, the crux of the matter is that you should never invest in a pair of shoes that is close-fitting or you won’t be able to walk comfortably and end up hurting your feet.

Don’t Buy in the Morning

At times, people visit a shoe store and choose the shoe of their choice. But they come back the next day saying that the shoes didn’t fit them when they wore them in the evening. In the morning, your feet start to expand and keep on expanding till the evening. So, it’s better to make this purchase in the evening.

Don’t Assume Your Size

Don’t assume your size. Each time you go to buy shoes, don’t forget to measure your feet first. The size of your feet keeps on changing with time. Another important thing is that you should put on each pair you like at the store and stick to the one that fits you the best.

So, these are 5 very common mistakes that you should avoid when purchasing a pair of shoes for your sporting needs. Hope this will help you.

Source by Satvik Mittal

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