How to Enter a Snowboard Competition

You’ve always had a great time snowboarding, and lately you have been thinking about entering a snowboard competition. Before you actually enter a competition, it is a good idea to understand exactly what you are getting into. Here’s few tips to help you prepare for your first entry into the world of snowboard competitions.

First, look at the various levels of the competition. Often, you will find the contests structured so that you may enter a section that is appropriate for your level of expertise. A typical competition will include categories for beginners, intermediate skill sets, and professional levels. Your style and the execution will be key in helping you determine which level is best suited for you. If at all possible, attend a competition before actually entering, so you can compare your skill level with those of others.

Age is also a factor. Competitions may be geared toward pre-teens, teens and young adults. Like the skill levels, this allows persons to compete against a group of people with whom you are likely to share common traits. Don’t try to fudge, thinking that older means better prizes or more recognition. There is plenty of time to enter in another class as you get older.

Pay close attention to the types of tricks that you have become proficient with. Match them up with what you see done with each category. This does not mean that you can’t include a trick or two that is a little out of the box; but you do want to make sure you give the judges plenty of tricks that can easily be compared to what others are doing.

Make sure you own the type of equipment and apparel that is required for the snowboard competition you wish to enter. As an example, just about any competition will require that you wear a particular type of helmet. This is to ensure that all the contestants are adequately protected for the type of tricks they are set to perform and be judged on. If you have any questions about what is considered appropriate clothing or equipment, ask the organizers of the event for specifics.

Once you have done your homework, be prepared to provide the information required to successfully complete the application. Typically, you will need to supply your name, age, home address, a contact phone number and the list of tricks that you plan on performing. If you have watched the classifications closely, you will know what type of tricks to include on your application. This will speed up the process, as the organizers of the contest will not have to waste much time deciding if your age and the tricks you have in mind are right for the section of the competition you wish to enter.

Snowboard competitions are not usually organized along a first come first served basis. You will be competing just to be accepted into the competition. By making sure you understand the nature of the competition, you greatly improve your chances of being accepted.

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