How to Find Fully Customised Netball Clothing Online

If you belong to a netball team, you’ll already know how important your players’ kit can be. Not only does wearing matching team colours make your side easier to identity, it also increases solidarity and spirit among the team. So, if you’re looking to kit out your fellow players, an online customisation tool might be the best option.

Far from solely providing shirts, many sports and leisure clothing manufacturers now offer a range of options when it comes to netball gear – including bibs, dresses, skirts and body warmers. These companies invite customers to create their own unique sportswear, usually through a simple online tool that takes just minutes to use.

The first step towards making your design vision a reality is finding a custom sportswear company you can rely on. You’ll want to find a company that’s worked with a number of reputable clients and can be trusted to deliver your sportswear promptly and professionally. It’s best to begin your search online and start browsing websites.

The company you choose should be able to supply the garments you require; they will then pass them on to an in-house design team who will customise them to your specifications. There are usually a myriad of options when it comes to the design of your kit, including logos, badges, text and graphics.

Some companies will also offer an embroidery service, which can produce incredibly professional looking results. This is a great idea if you’re looking for a single logo or badge design on your kit as embroidery looks best when confined to small areas of material. It will also prove incredibly durable, so is ideal if you’re looking to invest for the years ahead.

Many netballers now opt for sublimated dresses following a growing trend in Australian leagues. You should be able to customise the entire dress to your exact specifications – allowing you complete freedom with your design. Some dresses also come with built in leotards, negating the need for netball pants or shorts.

If you have a team crest or logo, this should be able to be incorporated into the design with ease. You might also choose to have player’s names on the back of each dress or shirt. In terms of colours, it makes sense for your team members to wear the same, but there are plenty of other ways you can customise each garment and make it unique.

Netball bibs provide a perfect space to display player’s positions and can be swapped around easily. Again, these can be fully customised to incorporate your team logo, colours or crest. It makes sense to order these in a lightweight material like cotton so that they are easy to pull on and off mid-game.

There will be a number of materials to choose from when selecting your garments, including micromesh, Lycra and cotton. If you’re in doubt about which is the best option for you, it is worth speaking directly with the company’s customer service team for advice. They should be able to guide you towards the right choice for your team.

Customisation services can even extend to amending garments if they aren’t perfectly suited to your team’s needs. If you need to incorporate extra piping into a netball dress, or remove the traditional collar, the customised sports clothing manufacturer you have chosen should be able to accommodate this.

Once you know that you need to order, it’s best to check delivery times and make sure your kit can be with you when you need it. If you need your kit to be delivered in a short time frame, it’s best to make the company aware of your requirements as they may be able to fast track your garments.

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