How to Get a Woman to Want You – The Must Know 3 Tips in Attracting the Women of Your Dreams!

Let’s face it. Other than a dream car – one of the most desired things in a man’s wish list is to learn how to get a woman to want you. You want her to feel attracted to you. You want her to miss you whenever she is lonely. You want her to call you whenever she needs company.

Read on to find out the MUST know tips on how to get a woman to want you:

1st tip on how to get a woman to want you – Be proud of yourself and like yourself!

In order to get a woman to want you and feel attracted to you, you have to first like yourself. Be Confident of who you are. Don’t attempt to hide your true identity! Do not doubt your own capabilities – Be positive and confident of yourself! Tell yourself repeatedly that you are a worthy person and most certainly deserves the attention which you wish to seek from her.

2nd tip on how to get a woman to want you: Having a good sense of humor

No women will like boring men. They adore men who have a good sense of humor! Making her laugh will make the date more relaxing and enjoyable. Just keep in mind to filter your jokes and to keep your jokes clean at all times.

3rd tip on how to get a woman to want you: Be a gentleman

All women love the feeling of being loved and adored by others. They love to be treated with respect. You need to let her know that she is important to you. Perform some gentlemanly acts occasionally. Help her open the car door when alighting your vehicle. Open the restaurant door for her. Do take note not to go overboard with your gentlemanly acts as you will make her feel uneasy.

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