How To Mend A Relationship, Heal A Broken Heart, And Rekindle Love

Relationships fracture and fall apart for many reasons, but there are common denominators in all break ups. One or both of you feels that you have been misunderstood, hurt, betrayed or unappreciated. So to mend marriage, friendship, or any romantic relationship, you must have a willingness to step back, just for a time, from all the hurt and begin to look at things from a different perspective. Reacting to a broken heart with pure emotion is not going to help you when you are trying to figure out how to mend a relationship, rekindle your passion or how to mend a broken heart.

The place to start is with yourself! Taking a close look at your part in any break up is crucial to beginning the healing process, because you are the only one you can really change and seeing your part clearly is the first step to saving a relationship. Taking the time to focus on yourself may feel strange at first, but it’s not so difficult, you just have to put your ego aside and take a walk in the other persons shoes. Think back to the little things that happened in your relationship. How did you make the other person feel? Be as honest as you can and you will find that empathy and understanding for another person’s feelings is a very powerful thing. How to mend a relationship? You mend a relationship with love.

The next step is to reconnect. With a fresh perspective you can begin the process of rebuilding trust and intimacy. Not too fast, and not with pleading, begging or tears, but with the intent to build a better relationship. When working on how to mend a love that has been broken, it is best to start at the beginning so that you don’t jump back into the patterns that broke you up in the first place. Talk on the phone, but not for hours, meet for coffee and find common ground. If the spark is still there, then your passion will soon burst into flames!

There is always hope when you are sincerely trying to discover how to save a relationship because the passion that brought you together is usually only dimmed by hurt feelings and needs that weren’t met. That can all change where there is a willing heart, understanding, and desire. Never underestimate the power of forgiveness and understanding. Seek help, stay focused, and the chances very good that love can and will be saved. Mend it don’t end it!

Source by Kristin S. Alexander

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