How to Throw a Successful Cheese and Wine Party

The French and Italian tradition of wine and cheese parties is gradually moving towards the west. People in NYC nowadays prefer wine and cheese brunches over regular get-togethers. Wine and cheese parties allow guests to interact and share light moment unlike the huge buffet spread parties where whole concentration is on the food. You can throw such parties on a variety of occasions like Easter, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or reunions. For a cheese and wine party to be successful, you need to have great sense of wine and cheese pairing.

The following tips will make your party a huge success:

Go For White Wines: Most people pair cheeses with red wines going on the color contrast. But, the truth is that white wines go better with cheeses, especially with soft cheeses like mascarpone, feta, blue Costello, and baby Swiss. The tannins of cheese are beautifully complimented by the acidity of white wines. Bordeaux white wine and Pinot Grigio are the popular choice when it comes to cheese pairing.

Use less Red Wines: Again it’s about the tannins balance. In case you are really missing red wines then go for the ones that are aged or low on tannins. Opening an old vintage bottle of red wine for your guests would be a great way to get the party on high spirits. In case you can’t stay without few glasses of red wine then go for hard or semi-hard cheeses like-dark beer, tawny port, rioja, Barolo, riserva, etc.

Rose and Bubbles Never Go Wrong: If you are not from those wine tasting experts who don’t even have a little clue of which wine to buy in, go for rose wines. Rose wines go well with all types of foods, cheeses and desserts. You can bring in the few varieties of them for your guests. Bubbly champagne also go with maximum delicacies.

Don’t go off the budget: Wines and cheese parties may sound amazing but hosting them could be quite expensive if proper planning is not there. Although you can find any best wine under $50, but for a huge gathering even that could shake your budget. The best idea is to ask your guests to bring one bottle of wine and some cheese of their choice. This way the party will not only have a variety of drinking and eating options, but will also make it an interesting affair.

Including wines to any party can bring in a sense of sophistication and fun to it. But, having a wine and cheese themed party is a thousand times more fun idea. You can even bid adieu to your guests with gifts. You can get wines for gifts at attractive prices. This way your guest will remind of you and your hospitality even after the party is over.

So, when are you throwing a wine and cheese party?

Source by Kanika Anchal Sharma

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