Infrared Conduction Cookers

Cooking technology has undergone tremendous development over the past few years. Stoves fueled by firewood were replaced by sleek, energy-saving gas ranges. However, it didn’t stop there. Infrared applications with their distinct features and fuel efficiency have surpassed traditional conduction and convection cooking methods

Many ask how infrared conduction cookers work; whether the use of radiant energy is safe and whether it cooks food evenly and in the same time. They also pose questions on the level of the ease of maintenance. We have discussed the working and features of infrared conduction cookers in this short section.

How is an Infrared Conduction Cooker different from Traditional Gas Stoves?

There are three primary methods of heat transfer РConduction, Convection and Radiation. Conduction involves a transfer of heat between two objects as a result of direct contact. For example, you place a food item in a pan and set the pan on a burner which is the direct source of heat. The pan gets heated and it cooks the food. Pan-frying, saut̩ing and grilling are food preparation techniques based on conduction heat transfer method.

In the second cooking process, that is convection, heat transfer occurs via a liquid or a gas. As molecules come in contact with each other, they transfer heat to each other. For example, when you boil an egg or a potato in water or you bake a cake in an oven. The process is also used in deep-frying.

An infrared conduction cooker uses electromagnetic energy to cook food. Infrared energy is a form of light energy that exists beyond the visible spectrum. Unlike conduction that uses a vessel or convection that uses a liquid or gas, this method of cooking does not use an intermediary; it works directly to transfer heat to the molecules in its path. It vibrates the molecules inside the food and thus heats or cooks it.

An infrared conduction cooker cooks food fast and easy. It heats up faster than the traditional appliances and reaches high temperatures in minutes. In addition to cooking food faster, it retains moisture and enhances flavors by locking in juices especially in meats. It is highly efficient as it transfers heat energy directly from the source to the food allowing for minimum heat loss. An Infrared earthen Cooker is not the same as an Induction Cooker. Another advantage is it works with most types of pans.

Is it safe?

The terms “infrared radiation” and “radiation’ has negative connotations outside the field of cooking. When it comes to cooking, there is nothing to worry. Infrared energy is the perfect choice for the purpose of cooking. It has become a popular choice in commercial setups and home environments. Some reports have linked infrared cooking to an increased risk of cancer. However, the claims have not been proved.

There are a number of infrared cookers available on the market. Buy one based on your cooking needs. People used to traditional stoves may need a little time to get around infrared cookers. Otherwise they are easy to use and maintain.

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