Is Black Carbon Fibre UrbanShield Good As a Galaxy S4 Back Case?

In this technological world, it pays to protect your gadgets with accessories so as to preserve them. Other than that, you will have to splurge a pretty penny if your gizmos get damaged just to restore them in most cases. And if you are truly unfortunate, you can just say goodbye to your pricey device for good since no replacement parts are available to revive it.

To specify a gadget, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung claims that it is considered as life companion. Why, you ask? It’s simply because it makes life richer, simpler, and more fun. Now, how can it be a life companion if you leave it all exposed to vulnerabilities that could render your phone all damaged permanently? If you were anything like me, you’d probably buy accessories so you could prolong your gadget’s longevity. A mobile phone case is a great start! Now, if you are going to think what type of case prior to the design you should choose, then you might get stuck in a rut. But if it’s simplicity that you are looking for, then I recommend Black Carbon Fibre UrbanShield Back Case.

Why should you choose this?

With the grip the Black Carbon Fibre UrbanShield offers, this case is indeed perfect for people whose hands are almost always sweaty. Now, you can save yourself from having all mini heart attacks every time you accidentally drop your phone. So, we’re talking about mini heart attacks? But this time, I’m referring to your phone being pilfered! If you don’t want your phone to catch so much attention or publicity, encasing it with a low profile back case like this can save you from mini heart attacks and your phone from being snatched off your hand. Plus, if you don’t want your Samsung Galaxy S4 to get bulky, this slim fit case is the case for you.

Why is it perfect for Samsung Galaxy S4?

This lightweight case is a perfect fit for your Samsung Galaxy S4 not only because it barely adds any bulk, but also because it has precise port cutouts so you could use every bit and piece of your Galaxy S4’s features. It can also be easily installed with its snap-on feature. So, if you like to listen to music, you can plug your mobile earphones all with ease; same is true with the buttons- unlike other back cases. This case also protects all the edges as it keeps them all covered against impending incidents like blows, scratches, and sudden bumps.

Why is it better than the other types of back cases?

What other back case brands offer a free LCD screen protector? Okay, we don’t have all day for you to think other than this case. It is made of genuine carbon fiber and it is also dual material. It will really serve as a shield for your Samsung Galaxy S4 against phone snatchers, as well as the scuffs and dings that could cause serious damage. All this can be wrapped up for only £19.95.

You must see and experience it for yourself for you to know what more can this case offer! If you want an optimum protection for your phone, then I guess giving this case a try is all worth it!

Source by Harold Marshall

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