Is Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaaega a Show Worth Watching on TV?

Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaaega or RDLJ as it is called, (I am sure all DDLJ fans detest it), is the season 2 of Swayamvar on NDTV Imagine. After the first season with Rakhi Sawant ended I had vowed never to watch such crazy show again. Had actually watched some portions last time to see if going by Rakhi Sawant’s reputation, she would actually marry on national television. However, as expected millions of viewers including me were fooled with an engagement and then a so called break-up. No not again I told myself when I heard of Rahul’s Swayamvar.

But I really could not resist myself after I heard friends talking about the show and then reading articles in paper almost everyday on how seriously Rahul was taking it and wild card entry of his favorite NRI contestants. So out of curiosity, like any other female, I flipped channels on my remote to NDTV Imagine while having lunch to see if I am lucky enough to catch some part of it. Could not have tried it with my husband around after my tall claims of not watching it come what may. Sure enough, I was lucky to catch some part of the last episode. But after it ended, I really wondered it was my luck or hard luck!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw girls aged 19 to 28 years, all trying to woe Rahul and each one describing how madly she was in love with him. Wondered if they actually knew what love means? Could not make out if it was a reality show or comedy circus that I was watching.

There was a fashion show on this episode with prospective brides wearing Vikram Phadnis designed lehenge chunris and walking the ramp in an actual fashion show style while Rahul, Vikram and Neha Dhupia watched as judges. And as expected there was a question and answer section too for girls. And now I am actually coming to the most hilarious part of what I saw. Neha asked one of the prospective brides, what is the complete name of Obama? Pat came the reply Obama Bin Laden. Now come on, I know how similar Obama and Osama sound but can you really be that careless. Another one was asked who wrote Mahabharatha, the replies ranged from Valmiki to Parashurama and finally she had to be given options to arrive at Ved Vyas. Now come on what else had I really expected! Another one was asked what her reaction would be on seeing gossips and pictures of Rahul with another female in print or media. I could not believe my ears when she said she loved Rahul and trusted him so much that such misunderstandings would not spoil their married life. Seems she missed seeing Rahul’s escapades with Payal Rohtagi in Big Boss. But even if she did, did it really matter to her? These are girls just starting their careers and what better platform and free publicity could they have got. If he marries one of them good, else who bothers? Atleast they can flaunt it in their CV’s. But kudos to the channel to be able to again lure back fools like me to watch this drama based on just hype and marketing. For whatever reasons people watch it, it meets their purpose.

One must see to believe the expression on Rahul’s face throughout the show. Obviously he is finding it difficult to hide the excitement and surprise, seeing such beautiful girls all decked up and vowing to do anything for him. Must be giving him a new high in life. But it sure made me realize I would not be missing out on anything by not watching this show.

I read in today’s newspaper in the morning that some wedding portals and websites were going for gene tests to find perfect match for their customer’s. I just hope no one from the show read this piece of news. The next thing on the show otherwise would be gene tests. But I am sure there would be much more funnier things like the fashion show happening on the show in the coming weeks. I would say go and watch it when you are feeling low or need a good laugh the next time.

Source by Romila Gyani Lal

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