Learn How to Improve Battery Life and Save Money

After long period of use, every type of battery will eventually fail, however, are you aware that you can actually extend the life of your battery? Learning how to improve battery life can help you restore life into a battery and allow you to use it for several more years before it has to be replaced.

For cars and other automobiles, it is recommended to protect your battery from high under the hood temperatures with the use of a case or a heat shield. This can help extend your car’s battery life by keeping the battery charged at all times. During times when the weather is humid, check the electrolyte levels frequently as well.

Base on studies, relocating the battery outside the engine compartment can increase its life by almost eight months. Car manufacturers are beginning to relocate the starting battery to the passenger compartment or the trunk to avoid under the hood temperatures. It is also beneficial to use wet batteries vented to the outside or cells that do not produce gas when recharged. According to the driving of every individual, some batteries are undercharged and this leads to sulfation, where lead sulfate gets accumulated, reducing the battery capacity. An external battery can be an ideal choice for charging.

For portable electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops, you can improve their battery life by lowering the brightness when not necessary. Laptops are often advised to be set in hibernate mode when not in use. In addition, turning down the volume also increases battery life. And remember to use headphones that are louder and leave the volume at 50%.

All these various tips on low power consumption can improve battery life significantly. Most of them are in fact common sense usage and can easily be made into practice in our daily lives.

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