LifeCell Ingredients – Latest All-In-One Anti Aging Treatment

There are a whole host of ingredients in LifeCell anti-aging products of which there are 4 of:

  • A collagen supplement
  • An all-in-one anti-aging cream
  • A cooling under-eye treatment
  • A pH balance cleanser

All of the 6 ingredients listed below you will find in their all-in-one anti-aging product, which is why the manufacturers South Beach Skin Care argue that this individual product is more powerful than 6 of the industries leading anti-aging brands in the U.S.

Vitamin C Ester

Vitamin C Ester comes in the form of Ascorbyl Palmitate, whose primary function unlike a simple immunity boost is to promote collagen synthesis within dermis and epidermis, preventing oxidative damage within the deeper layers, resulting in firmer healthier skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

As one of the main components of connective tissue found naturally in our body, Hyaluronic Acid improves skin elasticity and hydration, where it can contain up to 1000 times its weight in H2o – therefore it’s a deep cleansing moisturizing ingredient.

Ubiquinone CoQ10

This cell revitalizing organic substance known more commonly as Co-Enzyme Q10, is one of the super-anti-oxidants that helps block the production of enzymes that will damage your collagen.


The actual only “clinically proven” ingredient in the U.S to smooth out fine lines where several studies published in medical journals demonstrated and concluded how Deanol or DMAE will actually firm and tighten sagging skin by toning skin cell muscles in the deeper epidermis.


Commonly used to treat scarred, blemished and acne prone skin due to it being a highly rich vitamin A compound, it’s additional quality is that it prevents your skin cell turn over rate by restricting free radical damage – one of the most popular topical ingredients found in face creams today.


This powerful polyphenol extracted from knotweed and red-skinned grapes works by activating a protein within us we call sertarin which once activated tricks the body into repairing and rejuvenating cells helping to extend the lifecycle of skin cells as well as your longevity.

Additional ingredients in LifeCell Collagen Supplements

Additional ingredients included in their collagen supplement which is the only product taken orally include gelatin, tabulose and magnesium stearate.

However these collagen capsules do not contain any yeast, soy, sugar, artificial flavors or coloring.

Each container contains 30 capsules of which one should be taken daily, and the benefits of these are not just restricted to the health of your skin but also, joints, muscles, heart, nails and hair.

Source by Richard R Michaels

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