Life’s Abundance Business Opportunity Review

Life’s Abundance is a multilevel network marketing business opportunity that could be a lucrative work from home endeavor. They have been giving people the opportunity to have a home based business since 1999 and offer 3 product lines; People, Pets and Planet. This is a simple review of the company, products and business opportunity.

Life’s Abundance is wholly owned and operated by George and Cris Jochum and was formerly HealthPetNet. Their People product line offers a Revitalizing Clay Mask that exfoliates and firms the skin. They also offer a fish oil product called Sealogix that helps with heart, mind, joint and circulatory health as well as protection against breast cancer. The Planet product line consists of household cleaners that are environmentally friendly, pet safe and child safe. Their signature product is their complete line of Pet care products for both dogs and cats with their pet food line being the most popular. These pet products are formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks who is a pioneer for veterinary nutritional/alternative medicine and is a nationally recognized authority on the natural treatment of animals. For every purchase of a Life’s Abundance product a portion goes to a foundation set up to help different animal rescue organizations across the country.

The compensation plan for Life’s Abundance is a unilevel model with 7 different ways of earning income. These are going to be based on your personal sales as well as group sales volume with both up front and residual income. There are also bonus pools that pay out based on your level and sales performance. No matter what the business opportunity make sure to review and understand the compensation plan so you know what it is going to take to be successful.

The Life’s Abundance business opportunity is a legitimate one and the company is strong with good products for something we all care a lot about, our pets. To be successful with this or any opportunity it is going to depend on you and the skills that you have to market effectively the products and opportunity. Before joining any business opportunity, contact the person that is going to be your sponsor and ask questions about how they can help you get started and what they can bring to the table to help you be successful. With the right training and coaching on how to market effectively online and know how to harness the power of the internet you can be successful, but keep in mind that it does take some work and your success will depend on your efforts.

Source by Henry Kazmierczak

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