Madeline Brewer And Keean Johnson On Playlist Of Noise

Maddie: [Laughs] My first impression of Keean was that he looks younger than he his.
Keean: All my friends, when they found out I was doing this movie with [Maddie], were like, “Oh, shit! That’s that girl with the eyepatch from The Handmaid’s Tale! That’s so cool.” So, my first impression was that I was nervous ’cause I hadn’t seen the show yet and I felt REALLY bad. But, I was also intimidated, because, DAMN, she’s the one on Handmaid’s Tale.

2. What song would you choose to describe one another?

Maddie: Something by DMX or Childish Gambino. I can’t specifically pinpoint why that is…But it FEELS apropos.
Keean: All the song names I listen to are just…derogatory. So that’s not good OR fitting. Like, “Broke As Fuck”? “Have Mercy”? “Garbage”? That’s just disrespectful.

3. What was your favorite scene from The Ultimate Playlist of Noise to film with one other?

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