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Delicious! I live in NYC and I don’t have a grill so I skipped the boiling step and simply put them on a baking dish and baked them as I normally would and I prepared the miso and butter combo in my dutch oven then threw the potatoes in the mixture and coated them! It was heavenly! Just a nice alternative for those of us who don’t have grills that this recipe works just as well baked as it does grilled! 🙂

Andrew EckertNew York City06/27/20

Who would’ve thought the potatoe dish would be the star of the barbeque. Absolutely amazing!

Hannah_RosalieThe Netherlands06/23/20

Absolutely the only way I want to eat potatoes from now on! I debated on grilling the parboiled potatoes and crisping them up in the cast iron skillet. I’m glad I didn’t because the light char on the skins of these beauties is not to be missed! I couldn’t find red miso in my grocery shop so I used white miso, they were still fantastic.

GrcisgoneGreenville, WI06/19/20

Amazing!!! So addicting-the flavor profile will make you crave them. This recipe is a keeper for sure!

gpinczowKirkland, WA06/18/20

These will definitely be a frequent side dish for summer grilling. We have already made them 3 times in two weeks. Highly recommend. Super easy and packed with flavor

AnonymousChicago 06/17/20

These are incredible! Excellent work Brad! Wow!


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