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As an independent or unsigned musician you may be wondering just exactly what is the function of a music publicist. Well, clearly they certainly have a few important functions in the promotion of your music career – this is for sure. This article is geared to showing you the guidelines to publicity in the music business regarding the new media music press release. The primary function of a good music publicist is to generate awareness for an artists project and their CD product releases. They do this easily, if they are good and evidently they must be very well connected. A well connected music publicist has built many relationships over the years with music journalists, and music media outlets. There are many entertainment publicists for hire however it is crucial to slowly make the right decision when hiring a music publicist. When a publicist who has built relations and is well connected speaks – the music media and entertainment media listens. There are many music-publicist want to-be’s so do it slowly, and most certainly do exhibit caution in your selection of a music publicist.

There are obviously various strategies employed by a real music publicist to create awareness for a music project from advertising, marketing, to obtaining features and reviews. Evidently one of the biggest forms of music marketing implemented by a music publicist that allows them to powerfully promote their artists release or tour is the almighty music press release. Hands down, this is one of the most effective methods of music marketing for your project. In today’s world over 90 per cent of press releases are distributed digitally to new media Internet entertainment related web portals. So this is the way to go. Forget about print releases. They are just not effective and rarely used any longer.

An effective new media digital release should contain the following elements in order to be effective and powerfully and strategically draw awareness to your music project, release, and tours.

* The story contained in the music media piece should be newsworthy and be of interest to readers. Powerfully and slowly create a headline and subheadings that cannot be ignored.

* Define your target audience and subsequent press list – In the case of a music press release obviously your release should be geared and directed toward music journalists and new media entertainment web portals that specialize in your music genre.

* Clearly talk about the unique qualities of the band or release – something that stands out among the sea of other artists and musicians

* Include quotes from reviews, and magazine media outlets if you have them

* Add multimedia to your new media press release such as video and photos

* Note details of tours and releases and don’t forget to add a link to your websites and contact information.

* Don’t forget to add your press release to the news and media page of all of your websites.

* Obviously you must make sure your digital music press release is properly optimized for the search engines. The release will be found easier when it is enriched with keywords and this will ultimately drive massive traffic to your website if the story is interesting.

Once the carefully and powerfully created music press release is complete, optimized and ready to blast, you should slowly target the geographic areas and music and entertainment markets you want to blast out to. There are a few good press release distribution wires available such as,,, and among others.

It is crucial that music press releases are written precisely the way they have to be in order to generate the interest you need for your project in order for the press release to be worthwhile. Every single element such as copy, multimedia, the story, etc must be taken into consideration. Obviously it cost a couple bucks to utilize the services of a press release wire distribution service so you want to make sure that the press release is worthy, professionally written and search engine optimized. If you’re not sure how to write and prepare a professional music press release then by all means engage a professional music publicity writer to do it. It doesn’t cost much and it can assure the effectiveness of your release. The music press release is far too important to just throw something – anything up there. You can view some professionally written press releases at my website which is listed below. Best of luck. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of assistance.

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