Off Page SEO – Definition And Techniques

Off page SEO is all about the SEO techniques you can use to lift your search engine rankings once your content has been published.

To have your content rank well you need to create back links to your content, preferably from high page ranking sites. There is back linking software available to create thousands of back links but Google in particular is on to this method and can penalize you heavily by dropping your content to lower pages on the search engines. It really isn’t work the risk so in this article I will outline some simple off page SEO techniques that you can implement yourself to create some vital back links to your content.

Make sure you have installed the plugins below onto your Word press Blog

  • All-In-One-SEO. This asks you to include a title, description and tags to help optimize your page for the search engines
  • Digg Digg. Once installed it will ask you to select which social media icons you would like to have shown above your posts. These make it easy for visitors to your site to share your posts through the social media sites..
  • XML Site map. Once installed this plug in is left alone and used by the search engine spiders to make it easier to crawl your site and update their results.

Use the Following off page SEO techniques to get crucial back links to your content from high page ranking sites.

  • Join By signing up to Only-wire you are able to post your content out to around 30 different high ranking social media sites automatically. This will give you a ton of back links and is well worth the effort of setting up your accounts to the 30 or so sites that they use to syndicate content with. There are 2 options a free membership which gives you up to 300 free submissions per month and a paid option which is around $25.00 per month and gives you around 2,500 submissions per month. Once you start generating a lot of content and syndicating content with others your will want the paid option.
  • Join 50 Facebook groups and post links to your content regularly. Facebook is a very high authority site so you get great back links to your content by posting your links here. Be careful not to spam by blatantly just posting links, make sure you leave comments on others links and participate in discussions as well.
  • Join A Content Syndication Tribe. A great off page SEO technique is to join a content syndication tribe. Once a member you will want to build up a following of other members who will agree to share your content if you share theirs. This can be a very powerful technique as most of the syndication can be done on autopilot. There are 2 options the free option means you have to manually go in and syndicate yours and other content, where as the paid option can be set up to work on auto pilot.

I personally use all of the above off page SEO techniques and am now seeing the results of my labors with page 1 Google search engine rankings, so these techniques when implemented consistently will give you the vital back links you need to get your content ranked highly on the search engines.

Source by Deanna Hibbs

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