Online Networking – Working at the Speed of Whoosh!

Learning on the run and out of breath

Lately I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new and exciting individuals. It’s called networking. A catchy little phrase that is used a lot in business. Most recently I have joined the online networking ranks with passion and drive. While I have enjoyed my exposure and learning about new people, businesses and adventures, I wasn’t quite prepared for this feeling of being out of breath. Oh, did I mention…while sitting at my desk?

Recently I attended an event at North Seattle Community College to hear a DIY publicity guru that I have been following for a while. It was a networking breakfast early on a friday morning and it was well worth the 6:00 am departure time! The speaker was Nancy Juetten of Main Street Media Savvy and the topic was in a nutshell – grab the low hanging (media) fruit! Nancy shared tips, tools, tricks and even her rolodex of some great contacts for folks that wanted to start pulling in a harvest of media exposure. Her breadth of knowledge was great, her tips have quickly proven successful for this business coach.

The greatest tip (and cause for loss of breath)

Perhaps the two best tips I took action on right away were setting up a blog and getting my profile on social networking sites, working for me even while I sleep. To be transparent, I thought the blogosphere was a bit daunting and unnerving. Wrong, it is so simple! There are multiple sites that you can create a blog with at no charge. Even

better right? Creating the layout was a no brainer, they have templates that are very user friendly. They even have tips and tricks to get your blog seen. I use for my blog. Try it! Hey, it’s free!

The next great tip was to get with a solid online social networking ‘.com’ and create a profile. (Here is where the breath began quickening.) I already had a profile in two places and neither seemed to be garnering any noticeable activity. I followed Nancy’s suggested ‘favorite’ and whoosh – I have people checking out my profile, website, blog and emailing me for more information. Cool right? More like addicting!

The step I dropped

So while online networking in the last few weeks has proven to be a lot of fun and fulfilled my whoosh factor, as well as gotten me some good exposure. However I dropped a very important tip that Nancy gave. “Spend 15 minutes a day on your posts and update your blog twice a week.” The follow up to that was a warning ‘don’t get caught up and only focusing on the online networking component, it’s easy to do’ Yep, you guessed it. That’s exactly what I did. Having fun creating profiles, updating, reading other posts, commenting, creating events, conceptualizing new posts, writing articles (or half of a few) I found myself out of breath and totally mesmerized by the new toy. Time for an intervention and shot of reality.

While I love working in creativity mode, hence the reason I am a Business Coach and Growth Strategist, I needed to push the pause button and reflect. Which is often what I coach clients on as well. As business people we are I believe by nature, creators. Looking for the next best _______(fill in the blank.) What we need to remember, and why the step I dropped was so important, is that balance wins out in the end. When we push ourselves at lightening speed day in and day out, as we create and generate great things, we will hit that proverbial wall at some point. For me I know that when I am waking up thinking of what I processed all night in my sleep and go straight for my Mac before the first cup of coffee, it’s a warning sign. I am out of balance for the moment. So, I ask myself ‘where did I lose perspective?’ This time it was in the energy that I was gaining around the new connections, exposure and creativity in online networking. It is so much fun and you can learn from all types of professionals really cool tips, connections, ideas and even things not to do. But the key is, that while we all move at our own speed of whoosh, we keep it in perspective, plan out our day and allot set time for tasks that can get us off track. Even tasks that generate great results. So Nancy Juetten, thanks for the tips and know that I am only allowing up to 30 minutes a day for my online networking fun.

Tried and Tested Tips for the weary personal marketer

Get online with a blog – check out

Set up profiles on one or multiple online network marketing sites, I like the following (and yes, I am on all three)

  • Linkedin
  • Biznik
  • Fastcompany

Make touch-points online at least 3 times a week – this keeps your profile active.

  • blog
  • post comments on articles (biznik)
  • write articles and tips to post (any of the above sites)

Create a link from your profile to your website and/or blog. It’s a techy thing, something to do with how the search engines work, gives you more potential to be found.

While in N. Seattle at the DIY publicity event, I learned that if you Google your name and you come up in the top 5 return links, your marketing is doing good. (Two weeks ago when I Googled my name, I had 3 at best and it was never consistent, now I fill the whole page!) What I believe the difference today is, I am more active online, networking with creative business people, blogging and posting comments and articles in the online communities. This will have a positive impact on my bottom line, it is filling my pipeline and exposing my business to a whole new audience.

Start today with a new approach to networking. While you may thrive working at your own speed of Whoosh, watch out for that proverbial wall, you don’t want it taking you off course. I encourage you to get out there and get social, it makes a difference. Just remember, planting seeds is necessary, cultivating the soil – critical and balance is the key!

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