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This is Definetly a good recipe that most people are going to like, but for those who enjoy their fruit deserts on the less-sweet side, the sugar needs to be cut down. I would not alter the peaches and their 1/4 cup of sugar, but I would take down the sugar in the batter down 3/4 of a cup. Also keep in mind that this is a really spongy cobbler, which I love. It’s not crispy or “crumby”.


I’ve made this recipe on two occasions in the past week for a total of four pans-worth and it’s absolutely perfect! I too swapped nutmeg for mace (same fruit). I also chose to peel all the peaches versus only two, owing to my husband’s texture preferences.

AnonymousOrono, MN06/16/20

This is SO DELICIOUS!!!!! I halved the recipe and put it in an 8×8!!!! Perfect browned butter goodness!!!


Really easy and super delicious! The whole family loved it. Pairs well with vanilla ice cream.

AnonymousSan Francisco 06/09/20

Wife gave this a 10/10 rating. I used coarse sugar and it turned out great. I only have a toaster oven and used two loaf pans instead of a big pan and it worked out great! Great classic cobbler like my grandma used to make.

AnonymousSan Francisco, California 06/09/20

This was utterly delicious. I subbed nutmeg for mace and only added 1 cup of sugar when it called for 1.75 in the flour mixture. It came out super crispy, with a consistency similar to bread pudding. I would definitely make this again.

AnonymousCypress, CA06/08/20

I made this with canned peaches instead of fresh as that’s all I had available. It tuned out absolutely delicious, the sides ended up super crunchy and deliciously salty because of the brown butter. Will definitely be making this again!

ShochefAuckland, NZ06/07/20

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