Personality Opportunity Mismatch

A large number of entrepreneurs struggle to turn their dream business, their venture or their start up into a successful business. While many blame themselves for failing, some blame it on a lack of resources and others on the plan or marketing. However, what is often overlooked is the personality to opportunity alignment. Going by the number of failed ventures, it seems like a large number of entrepreneurs engage in opportunities that do not match or align with their personalities. Thus, resulting in struggle, stress, and challenges in different aspects of life, such as finances, health, relationships etc. Here personality does not refer to a person’s charisma, attitude or celebrity status, but to the person’s unique personality traits. Many entrepreneurs fail to assign themselves a role within their own opportunity or job function that aligns with their personality traits.

What are Personality Traits?

Personality is a person’s characteristic thoughts, feelings and behavior, and the thoughts, feelings and behavior which is typical of the individual is his/her personality traits. To give you a clear idea of the many different kinds of personality traits in the context of your career choice, here are a few examples of personality traits- adaptive, analytical collaborative, committed, courageous, creative, decisive, detail-oriented, emotionally competent, friendly, hardworking, relationship oriented,trustworthy, visionary, positive, enthusiastic, listener, persistent, self-aware, self-confident and Self-Disciplined.

The above list of traits is just some traits out of many, some which may describe you and some which may not, however these traits, whose combination is unique to you is your blueprint to success, if they are matched with the right opportunities.

Importance of Matching Your Personality to Your Opportunity

Understanding these traits will give you clearer answers that will clear up the fog in your success path. Matching your traits to a role in which you and your traits can fit into with ease, will reduce maximum resistance in your success path as an entrepreneur or anyone. Having a clearer understanding of your abilities, skills, interests, personal qualities, values and preferences will help you make more effective decisions when it comes to the opportunities you chose to flow with.

When opportunities are not matched in alignment with one’s unique personality traits, then the individual loses motivation, finds little to no joy in work and since work is such a big and essential part of our lives, it generally leaves the individual feeling unfulfilled and discontent in life. Therefore, when an alternate is available to make things so much easier and better, instead of being miserable, it would be advisable to flow with it and find opportunities that will feel effortless to you with least resistance. Understanding your personality reduces the difficulty people generally feel when it comes to careers and allows them to select and excel at the opportunities with least resistance cause the characteristics required to excel in a profile is already in built in that person. Personality traits can be hidden and so it can only be fully assessed if done with the help of tools such as personality assessments.

Tools to Allow you Match Personality and Opportunity More Accurately

Personality assessments are designed to help you do just that, match your unique personality traits to opportunities that best align with who you essentially are. They assess your motivators, value, attitudes, interests and behaviors. The results obtained through personality assessments can be compared to the specific traits that are required for specific opportunities and roles.

In conclusion, assessing one’s personality traits to best match opportunities proves incredibly beneficial for any individual to recognize the best success path that is most suited to him/her, where what will be required of him would simply be to display traits that come easily and naturally to him, reducing his efforts in succeeding at what he does.

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