Photo Booths at Staff Christmas Parties

It’s difficult, finding something entertaining and interesting for your staff at the often expected, annual office festive season party. Chances are if you’re looking to hire your own entertainment then you’re a reasonably sized, established company, with a broad cross-section of employees. This can make it even harder task to fulfil.

Why not consider hiring a Party Photo Booth?

There are two reasons why you should – the staff will love it and you and your company can utilise it as a marketing opportunity! Yes a marketing opportunity, but I’ll come back to that later in this article.

Firstly let’s concentrate on their entertainment value. I appreciate that as a concept, particularly in the UK at the time of writing this article, Party Photo Booths are relatively new and can be very difficult to grasp as entertainment when their original intention was somewhat more serious and to be honest grey & dull. You’ve seen the booths in supermarket foyers for ID cards, we’ll they’re not to dissimilar, however instead of coin operation they are usually activated by buttons or touch screens, instead of ID card photos generally a more elaborate print format. I’ll bet at some point in your teens you’ve piled into one with your mates for a snap – it’s all coming back to you now… that’s the entertainment! From the Oscars to X-Factor, to birthdays & weddings their popularity is growing globally. If you hire the right photo booth vendor, there should also be a box of props, silly hats, wigs, glasses etc. in which to dress up to add to the ridicule.

They keep everyone amused throughout the entire duration of the party, they don’t tire, require a break or run out of repertoire. Invariably they also tuck themselves in a corner leaving the dance floor or stage area clear for the more energetic. For some reason, no matter what age or background people can’t get enough of them. It is somewhat unexplainable why people gravitate towards a party photo booth, but they do and usually there is a queue all evening as people wait to go in for the umpteenth time to get the umpteenth photo.

Maybe that’s it? Behind the curtain, out of sight… Except they aren’t really are they, for though no one may be able so see what they’re doing whilst they’re doing it, as soon as the print pops out or perhaps a few days later when the images are available on-line? On getting the print they’ll conceal it, cup their hands around it and then tuck it out of sight in mock embarrassment – at least for a few seconds, only to show it at the first opportunity to anyone interested. Quite often the first few are predictable, but as the evening wears on and the confidence grows you can see the plotting or design of photo becomes more elaborate from changing clothes to complete change of persons within the booth on each frame of the print and more!

So your staff are happy what about this marketing opportunity?

A photo booth won’t break the budget to hire for the party so they are already great value for money, once you factor in the marketing potential – they become and absolute bargain. Firstly positive media, employees want to know that they work for a nice company. Using images, no matter how silly, taken within the booth within the right media will give your company a positive image that can be built on as part of specific or general marketing, from recruitment to public opinion.

Secondly and this is the real benefit – encompass the print the photo booth produces to incorporate your brand or current sales message. Insist on this, insist on the photo booth vendor not promoting their own company name, and make sure your company name or product & logo are highly prominent. Ensure that all the photos will be available for the employees to down load after the event and that each individual image also has your name somewhere prominent.

This is where it gets interesting. A significant number of your employees are going to be using one or other social networking site, Facebook, my space, friends re-united and so on. On average the majority of people on these sites have between 80 – 150 friends some will have many, many more. These friends will know friends of friends who love to repost or comment against the posts your staff have made on their page and so continue the wheel.

Lets look at this conservatively, if you have 100 people at the party and 80 of them download and post their silly festive party photo booth pictures to their own social page, which is then in turn seen by 80 of their friends, then at least 6400 have seen your company name or product. That’s 6400 people who now associate your name and product with a happy thought! That’s 6400 people who have subliminally taken in your sales message or company name. How much would it cost you in printed media to ensure at least 6400 people had seen, not picked up the publication within which your advert was placed, but actually seen and looked at it? Many of your staff will have over 500, some over 1000 friends, how powerful is that? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a firm of accountants or computer game producers social networking sites are powerful for marketing if used correctly.

So hiring a Party Photo Booth for your staff at their annual Christmas party will not only provide a full evenings entertainment but also a subtle marketing option utilising all your staff as sales agents. So get on the net, research a few photo booth vendors in your area and start your highly successful new year sales campaign, I mean give your staff one of the hottest forms of entertainment available at present!

One last thought, if any of your staff should pop into your office in the new year asking for a pay rise, you could remind them of the photo you have in your desk draw that really ought to stay there..!

Source by Jon Sharp

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