Plus Size Bra Fitting Guide – The Inside Story

Plus size women must have a good bra fit and comfort to look fabulous in their clothes. The standard sizing system of measuring in the band area and around the breasts doesn’t address all the issues of women who wear plus size bras. It is a starting point, but not the whole picture. Over 35 million of us wear size 14 and up. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 of us are wearing the wrong size bra. The list below has some tips to help you understand why you are having plus size bra fitting issues and how to fix them.

The best way to determine your bra size or find more comfortable plus size bras is to take out all the bras you already own. Note what you like and dislike about each bra. Once you go through this list below you will have a better understanding of your own plus size bra fit.

Does your bra ride up in the back? Are you constantly pulling your bra down in the back?

Try a smaller band size. To compensate for the smaller band size, increase the cup size one size.

Are your breasts bulging out the top and sides?

Try a larger cup size, but keep the same band size.

Does your bra sag? Or does your bust droop with your bra on?

Try a bra with a crisscross under support. Or try an underwire bra. And follow the steps for getting the band size and cup size right for you.

Do your plus size bra underwires stand away from the ribcage? Does the underwire stick out under you clothes?

Try a smaller band size and add a bra extender to the back. Bra extenders come in lots of colors and sizes. This worked for me. Jane

Do your underwire plus size bras cut into your underarms?

Try a smaller cup size and add a bra extender to the back. Bra extenders come in lots of colors and sizes.

Do your shoulder straps dig in?

Try a wider banded bra with wide padded straps. You also may need to decrease the band size. This will give you more support in the band area and put less stress on the straps.

Do your straps slip?

Try a bra with straps that V in the back.

Does your bra size seem to change from designer to designer?

Each manufacturer has their own interpretation of sizes, especially in plus sizes. Most of the time, if you wear a certain size in a plus size bra by one manufacturer, all their plus size bras will fit you in the same size. Just make sure you know which size you really wear by following the steps above.

Should you measure yourself or let someone else measure for you?

It is better to let someone else measure for you. But, you are only letting them measure for you. You can allow them to give you advice, but only you know what is truly comfortable. Follow the steps above to determine your custom fit.

Source by Jane Clark

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