Pop Art Canvas Prints for Kids

Cool gifts from your photos

In this day and age everywhere we turn there is some new gadget or piece of technology that draws our kids like a magnet into an incessant desire to have it. But, whilst the newest console, video game, App or phone is all well and good, for a totally unique Christmas gift ideas for this festive season it might be worth thinking outside the box. Pop Art canvas prints are fun, creative, and totally cool – although your kids might well try to strangle you for saying that word!

Striking and exciting canvas art

Canvas Pop Art, as originally pioneered by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, is an awesome technique whereby your very own photos are cartoonified in an imaginative and stylish way into an elegant caricature that highlights all the best features of your snaps and really gets the best out of your photography skills. Got any grey hairs? Any wrinkles appearing on your brow? Just use Pop Art canvas prints to disguise them in an inventive way by using a wide range of colours to distract the eye from any particular elements! Pop Art can really enhance any image because it is so colourful and vibrant. Just imagine the fluorescent, vivid blues, yellows, reds and greens brightening up your living room to make any observer go ‘WOW’.

Great Christmas gifts for kids

If your kids are anything like the ones I know, their rooms will be a complete and utter mess. It is incredible to think that there is actually something called ‘carpet’ underneath the junk that provides the floor to their bedrooms. But you really can delight and inspire them with breathtaking Pop Art canvas prints! Give them a scarf, a jumper, or a pair of socks, and you know that they will appreciate it. But too often these gifts are locked away in a cupboard or a wardrobe never to see the light of day. But with astounding canvas prints of your very own family photos or photos of your children’s friends, you can create scintillating canvas art to instantly and dramatically spice up the kids’ rooms.

Bring a smile to their faces!

Create an astonishing visual impact to add some order, elegance, and style to their cluttered area! Unique Christmas gift ideas do not have to break the bank, and a canvas print is an investment because it will live on your walls for many, many years to come. Just imagine being able to look back on your photos on canvas in a decade or two (or three, or five, or eight) to see how much your children will have grown and matured! We can guarantee the quality of your Pop Art canvas prints, but we cannot guarantee that your kids, even when they are all grown up, will have nice, clean and tidy rooms!

Source by Sarah Maria Williams

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