Propolis Supplements May Help In Dealing With Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a problem which is faced by many people throughout the world. This is often related to consuming unhygienic foodstuff and can cause plenty of problems, which can even result in death. Medical practitioners have devised several methods by which this problem can be treated. However, they do not have any control over the type of foods which people prefer to have. Under the circumstances, they are left with no options but to treat people who suffer from this issue.

Generally, medical practitioners use a variety of drugs to take care of the problem. E.coli Is one of the organisms, which causes food poisoning, which often leads to the death of the infected individual. Such cases are found all over the world and in particular, in North Africa where the problem is pronounced. In such cases, one does not understand why medical practitioners do not recommend using propolis supplements to deal with the issue. This bacterium can cause serious infections of food poisoning and is responsible for a number of product recalls by manufacturers throughout the world.

Recently, scientists decided to understand whether they could find a remedy against the E.coli bacteria and exposed 23 different samples of propolis from a particular country to the virus. It is well-known that propolis has antibacterial properties, which can prove helpful to humans. The research that was conducted revealed that seven of the 23 strains of the bacteria reacted positively to the antibacterial activity from propolis. The country from where the samples were procured is not known for a clean or unpolluted atmosphere. This could be the reason why researchers could not find better results than mentioned. Nevertheless, the researchers concluded that the study clearly indicated that propolis could indeed be used to create formulations for the treatment of food poisoning caused by E.coli.

Does this indicate that propolis can indeed prove effective when dealing with cases of food poisoning? Unfortunately, no decisive evidence is still available despite the research that has been carried out. More research will have to be conducted before propolis can be defined as a measure against cases of food poisoning caused by E.coli.

It is possible that researchers could have derived better results if they had chosen propolis from countries that have a high standard of hygiene along with an unpolluted atmosphere. It can be said with a degree of certainty that products from such countries would be far more potent and allow researchers to extract best results. For the moment, people will have to wait for some more time until they can hear better news about this problem. However, the results are certainly positive and could lead to better things in the future for all.

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