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Manage all project estimations accurately for a specific site from the initial estimates to the final figures covering all construction related measurements and resource requirements ensuring minimization of costs and enhancing value for money to help QPM provide in-budget project completion to its clients.

• Participate in evaluation and recommendation of appropriate Cost and Value Consultant(s) to client for project site.

• Assist Project Control Manager to establish client requirements, conduct feasibility studies, past estimation reviews and cost estimations.

• Undertake cost analyses for project work.

• Perform risk and value management and cost control.

• Advise on procurement strategy – make or buy analysis.

• Prepare and analyze costing for tenders.

• Support tendering including bills of quantities, bids evaluation and allocating work to contractors and sub-contractors.

• Assist Identify, analyze and develop responses to commercial risks.

• Provide advice on contractual claims including EOT and costs.

• Value completed work and coordinate for arranging payments.

• Measure variations quantities and costs

• Negotiate and agree on variations for both quantities and costs with contractor.

• Register and review all drawing issues for all quantity and cost implications

• Negotiate and agree close out of final account with contractor

• Attend regular site meetings with contractor to discuss variations and monthly valuation

• Advise client on anticipated final completion budget and any remedial action to be taken.

• Conduct regular follow up with cost and value consultants and contractors on QS aspects.

• Attend project meetings and represent all QS issues and actions.

• Conduct regular site inspections.

• Coordinate closely with Project Control Manager to maintain awareness of QPM’s QS policy, methodologies, tools and updates.

• Coordinate with Project Control Manager to ensure appropriate resolution to QS issues faced on site.

• Attend meetings with client for all QS aspects during project.

• Advise clients on cost variance issues and suggest and get approvals on remedial actions.

• Interface with client to respond to queries on estimating procedures, latest costs etc.

• Meet client to obtain feedback on QPM’s QS methodologies and outcomes and use the same to make appropriate modifications to site QS program.

• Prepare various site QS reports, including estimating reports, cost reports, cost trend reports, variance reports, cost performance index etc.

• Coordinate with Project Control Manager to analyse cost reports and ensure compliance to defined cost standards for the project.

• Coordinate with Cost and Value Consultants to implement remedial actions as decided by Project Control Manager in case of variations.

• Maintain standard unit price costs based on actual performance.

• Establish professional relationships with peer professionals in the industry.

• Maintain awareness of industry trends, methodologies, tools and best practices in project management in relation to quantity surveying.

• Adapt and adopt good practices for continuous improvement.

Bachelor’s Degree in an Engineering Discipline from an MME recognised University (must have been a full time course which you attended at a campus on a full time basis)

MME Registration in hand

12+ years post graduate experience

Experience working on 5* hotel projects (Consultancy employed is ideal)

Fit out phase of works experience is needed

Candidate must be in Qatar currently and have completed 1+ years with their current sponsor

Qatar Project Management (QPM) is an independent subsidiary of Barwa Real Estate Development Company that provides expertise in Project Management, Design Management, Construction Management, and Contract Administration together with other associated Project Management functions. Established in 2008, QPM is centralized platform for provision of Project Management services to Barwa and Qatari Diar as well as local and international markets. QPM provides these services through an in-house team of highly-skilled, motivated, and qualified professionals supported by state-of-the-art information technology and highly-effective Project Management systems.

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