Raise a Champagne Glass to These Still In Love Bachelor Couples

Just ask Ashley Iaconetti.

Any reasonable person would have (and did!) tell the often emotional Paradise and Winter Games vet to let her dream of forever with Jared Haibon go. No matter how many times she declared him her soulmate and her future husband, Jared appeared entirely uninterested in anything beyond a platonic situation. 

“I had our mutual friends telling me that he is never going to like you,” she would later share on their YouTube series The Story of Us, explaining their friends-to-forever transition, “that I am just obsessed, just infatuated and that you are never going to see me as anything more than a friend.”

And then, in a please-kids-don’t-try-this-at-home twist, once Jared realized he just might lose the former nanny for good, he woke up to what was in front of him the whole time, got the girl, proposed and, today, they’re celebrating their first anniversary. 

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