Saucy Spiced Cod With Corn Recipe

Yes!!! OMG, loved this easy delicious dish.

gingersnap1Lawrenceville GA09/01/20

Made this tonight and the spices and corn were fabulous. I loved the hits of whole coriander and cumin. Granted, the cod was overwhelmed since it’s so delicate and, frankly, lacking in flavor of its own (and I had some beautiful wild pieces from a fish share). I would absolutely make this again, but would use a different protein. My take: this would be better with mackerel or lamb. I served it on leftover jasmine rice that I’d cooked with white miso and a little soy sauce a couple days ago. Didn’t have plain white sesame seeds, but had black. I’d skip those in the future.


We thought this dish was flavorsome and simple. The cod was not overwhelmed by the corn but, like a Goan fish curry, the sweetness of the corn curry enhanced the distinctive flavor of our cod. We used only half the butter and might tone down the chili flakes a tad. Dave and Lisa, Cincinnati

David MooreCincinnati, OH08/26/20

These negative reviewers don’t know what they’re talking about. This was delicious and so easy! Shout out out to the fabulous Sea Breeze Fish Market in Hell’s Kitchen!


It’s the use of ethnic flavors and not standing with your POC creators for me

Not a good balance of flavors, overwhelms the delicate white fish

AnonymousNew York08/26/20

These flavors (and proportions of spice) did not make a whole lot of sense together to my palate. I found the amount of whole spices much too heavy. The strength of the spices also did not seem a good match with delicate flaky white fish. The sweetness of corn, the saving grace of the dish, was also mostly overpowered. (I made a side of basmati rice and it diffused it somewhat.) Some nice elements but not a happy marriage overall.


Easy and delicious! I love a “one pot” recipe!

AnonymousNewport Beach, CA08/25/20

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