Senseo Coffee Maker – The Perfect Joint Venture of Philips and DE

More than ten years in the making, extensively researched and exhaustively tested, the Senseo coffee maker from Dutch electronics giant Philips, can honestly claim to make the perfect cup of coffee.

How exactly it arrives at the perfect cup of coffee is a closely guarded secret, but let’s just say the system automatically uses the perfect amount of water and ensures that it passes through the pre-blended Senseo coffee pods quickly and evenly, so as to maximise the taste and flavor from the coffee beans.

It’s a unique brewing method from Philips who teamed up with expert coffee blenders Douwe Egberts. Using the time honoured principle that two heads are better than one, the aim was to provide a perfectly balanced proportion of blended coffee together with the correct amount of water from a reliable and easy to use coffee maker.

The idea caught on quickly and today Senseo Coffee Makers have become one of the most sought after pod coffee makers on the market. One of the reasons is because each individual cup is freshly brewed, with all of the tricky guesswork of portioning worked out for you in a convenient pre-measured coffee pod so you can always rely on a pure and smooth taste with that pleasing frothy layer at the top of each cup.

It also has a quick delivery system for that much needed early morning jolt of caffeine. A 4 oz cup can be brewed in just 30 seconds, or two cups in 60 seconds. The only difficult part about using the Senseo Coffee Maker is deciding which of Douwe Egberts extensive range of coffee pods you want to try.

Evidently good coffee is something sadly lacking in many office workers lives.

Douwe Egberts went as far as to conduct some research and discovered that three employee days per year were lost by employees going out to buy coffee they could not get in their place of work. Installation of one of Philip’s leaning towers of coffee perfection could well be the answer to increased productivity in many a coffee deprived office.

Source by Elanora T. Kelly

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