She’s Moaning in the Other Room, But Not For YOU! Catch Your Cheating Wife With These 3 Tricks!

So you think your wife is cheating on you, and even after everything you did for her, this just seems like a complete slap in the face. Well women can’t always be trusted, as we have learned, and are even possibly the biggest liars on the planet, but since we aren’t here to argue over what women are, I will give you a break and tell you how to catch your wife cheating. You see, unless you get the proof, you cannot actually be sure, which is why these next 3 tips are perfect to catch a cheating wife…..

1. The phone conversations – Get a cell phone spy gadget, and use this to find out all of the deleted numbers and data from her cell phone.

2. Computer chats – A cheater cannot resist talking to their newly found “lover(s)”, which is why you can simply secretly install key logging software which will record everything typed when she is on the computer. This will show you the chats, emails, and everything else she was doing behind your back.

3. Obvious signs – Of course there is always just the good old fashioned common sense which you can put into practice simply by watching her behavior or signs around the house. For instance:

– The toilet seat lid is up, but when you left it was down.

– She always tells you she is working late

– Buys new clothes, especially undergarments, but never wears them around you

– Turns down sex every single time, and seems to have lost total interest in you.

– Avoids talking about where she was, and gives extremely long explanations

– Becomes distant and dry all of a sudden, and it seems to come out of nowhere.

Source by Avril Harper-Rae

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