Signs He is Cheating – Wardrobe Malfunction

You are worried. You think that your guy may have been unfaithful. He has been acting strange. Heck, he has even starting dressing better than ever before. One of the most common signs he is cheating is a drastic change in wardrobe. If he is a t-shirt and jeans guy on Monday, and a three piece suit man on Tuesday, something might be rotten in Denmark. One of the first ways a man tries to impress a woman is through the clothes he wears. The old adage that clothes make the man is often believed by women. If your man feels disrespected or taken for granted, he knows this and works on his wardrobe to try to get attention outside the relationship.

If you are looking for signs he is cheating, you need look no further than the shirt on his back. Sure, he could simply be dressing better for work so that he can get promoted and bring more money home. He could also be tired of the way he has always dressed, and is just looking for something new. This is also a sign of a man going through a mid-life crisis. But you know your man better than anyone else. If you think he displays other behaviors that are in line with infidelity, then his change in clothing may be one of the signs he is cheating.

Don’t forget that the underlying reason your man is displaying signs he is cheating is because he does not feel admired. Men crave admiration and respect from the women in their life. When a man feels, rightly or not, that he is no longer the apple of his lady’s eye, he will give you some clues. He may tell you more frequently how hard he works, or that he feels under-appreciated at work. Perhaps he will continue to remind you of his contributions. Some men will even ask repeatedly if there is something you need them to do.

All these are signs that he simply wants to know that you still admire and respect what he does for you and your family. On a daily basis, tell him how strong he is. Put a little note in his lunchbox telling him that you respect all that he does. These little steps in many cases are all that is needed to stop the signs he is cheating, and restore the passion and trust that you two once had.

Source by Jackie Union

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