Social Science – The Top 5 Social Skills You Need to Attract Women

It’s a fact: If you want to score with hot babes, you’ve gotta be the master of your domain. You have to master your social skills.

It’s easy to believe that looks are all-important, but it’s WRONG. As Joseph Matthews, aka Thundercat, says, “The single biggest, most limiting belief guys have that keeps them from succeeding is the belief that LOOKS MATTER.”

Much more important to women is how well you interact with others–men AND women alike. You can be the best-looking guy in the world, but if you can’t muster anything to say to a group of people, or don’t know how to hold their interest and make them WANT to get to know you, then you’re not going to attract women. Period.

The good news is, if you do know how to socially interact with people, nothing can stop you from attracting the gorgeous, high-quality women you desire! Even if you’re short, bald, fat, ugly, or all four, if you know HOW to make people laugh, HOW to captivate an audience’s interest, and HOW to build and share connections and relationships with people…then you’ll have no problem attracting gorgeous women!

With that said, let’s look now at the Top 5 social skills for impressing and attracting women everywhere:

1. Cocky Comedy-specifically, busting someone’s balls and teasing.

As I describe in great detail in my course, humor is one of the most powerful weapons around for building attraction. But the purpose of humor isn’t to make people laugh; it’s to show you have control and an ability to make people feel better in your presence. A guy who makes people laugh improves people’s moods and makes them want him to hang around-a truly awesome power to hold.

As David DeAngelo says,

“If you want to be funny, get a joke book. If you want to learn how to make a woman feel attraction for you by the way you talk to her and communicate with her, then focus what you’re going to learn on CREATING AND AMPLIFYING ATTRACTION.”

This can be done in several ways, but the best are the funny ways that show that you are ABOVE her and don’t NEED her. Generally this means being a bit of a jerk and breaking a girl’s balls, especially in front of her friends.

One example is teasing a girl in front of her friends. A guy who has the balls to say, “Man, does this girl EVER shut up?” or “Is she always this annoying?” to a girl’s group of friends, commands awesome power. He will quickly fit into the group, make them laugh, and come off as a very cool, attractive guy, all in one.

Why? Because doing something ballsy and somewhat rude makes people remember you. People are bored everyday: in the morning they wake up, have a boring breakfast, drive their monotonous commute to work, get bored at work, drive the same monotonous commute back home, eat their boring dinner, watch their boring television, hang out with the same boring people, go to bed, wake up, and do it all over again.

They’re looking for something new…so it’s YOUR job to break their state! Give them something different, something funny, something that makes them say, “I can’t believe he just said that!” Breaking a girl’s balls-pointing out her ridiculous skirt, or some weird personality trait-takes people out of their element, makes them laugh, and creates an emotional connection to you. They remember you, and want to see you again.

Most importantly, they want their girlfriends to see you again! So if you can impress one girl in a group, you can impress them all! And that’s the quickest way to the sexual intimacy and attraction you so desire.

For more detailed information on how to use these skills for social mastery-and high-powered, sexual attraction-check out

2. Story-Telling

Work on your story-telling as much as possible. A guy who can captivate an audience with awesome stories that draw listeners in impresses the HELL out of women and makes himself very attractive. It’s a combination of power, intelligence, and social maneuvering, all in one: a very attractive combination.

But you don’t have to have travelled around the world or scaled Mt. Everest to have an impressive story; what it all comes down to is how you present your story. That means your tonality, pitch, volume: all kinds of ways in which you talk. Great story-tellers take an otherwise boring tale and make it spell-binding.

For more great information on how to tell a compelling story, check out Renee Grant-Williams’ excellent book, Voice Power.

3. Being the Center of People’s Universe, aka Be a Leader

Girls don’t want someone who kisses people’s asses. They want a guy in control, a guy whose universe only revolves around one person: HIMSELF. An attractive guy doesn’t need other people for happiness and validation; he only needs himself.

As David DeAngelo says,

“A woman wants a man who is strong enough to attract her, hold her in his orbit, and keep her there…but the thing that really keeps her ‘attracted’ (feeling attraction) is the tension that comes from not quite being ‘all the way there.’ “

That is, you have to be able to bring a group of people closer…but not too close. Keep a girl curious, keep her wanting more. This can be done through teasing and pushing her away-slap her wrist or make jokes about her in front of her friends. Tell her to stop following you: “Man, stop stalking me, you’re weirding me out!”

Even better, walk away just when things are getting good. Say you have to go check on your friends or go somewhere else.

For example, if you’ve told a great story that has everyone laughing, leave just when they’re all cracking up. Show that your universe is so big that you have bigger things to do. This will give people-particularly your target-time to reflect on what a cool guy you are, and make them come chasing to hear more. They’ll beg you to stay, but insist that you have to go. This will make them want you all the more, and have your target chasing after you and throwing herself at you. Attraction gold!

4. Vocal Celibacy

This is an excellent, oft-overlooked skill that attraction expert, Carlos Xuma, recommends.

Believe it or not, sometimes the best skill is actually just to shut up. That’s right: a man who listens draws people in. Ever notice how women, and even men, flock to the guys who sympathize and listen to them?

Well, you don’t have be a soft, Dr. Phil type to be a good listener. In fact, listening brings with it a large amount of POWER. By pausing for a few seconds after someone says something, making them wait for you to respond, you make them feel uneasy, expecting…and, in the case of women, more attracted to you. Because you show you have the upper hand. You have control.

As Xuma says,

“The next time a woman asks you a question, PAUSE for a little bit. Keep pushing the limit until you cannot answer the question at all. She’ll try to make you feel uncomfortable, but if you can handle that it’ll increase your confidence immeasurably.”

More importantly, it will make HER more confident in you…she can’t help but want to be drawn into your universe. You’re unlike anyone she’s ever met before!

What is the fifth social skill you need to attract women?

Well, I can’t tell you it all here. This last one is so good that it would be a crime for me to only write a few paragraphs about it here! This is the real deal, the make or break, the skill that all the naturals, all the gurus, all the pick-up masters MUST use to get into a woman’s heart. It will make not only your target attracted to you, but her whole group of friends, as well!

Where do you find out about it? Well, I can’t tell you about it there, but check out my “Author Bio” for your link to success. Peace.

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