Some of The Funniest Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian weddings are not simple ceremonies that include the matrimonial bonding of two people in front of families and friends; it is also an elaborate display of their customs, traditions and beliefs. In fact Indian weddings are the most extravagant kind in the whole world. Rituals and ceremonies start off many days before the commencing of the actual wedding. Families from both sides enthusiastically participate in each of those ceremonies. Some of these ceremonies are actually pretty funny and enjoyable. Let’s have a look at some of the very funny ones.

1. Amongst the different provinces of India, Gujrat has perhaps some of the most exaggerated and colourful ceremonies associated with the wedding. One of these is called the Sagai which takes place prior to the wedding ceremony. It is actually the engagement ceremony and in order to gain acceptance the bride has to travel on foot to the groom’s house with a container filled with goodies on her head.

2. Another similar tradition that is followed by all grooms-to-be in Gujrat is called Jaan. In this ritual, the groom goes to the bride’s home to seek the blessings of her mother. When he arrives he lowers his head and then clutches his nose which is symbolic of his humility and that he understands the bride’s parents are making a huge sacrifice. The mother-in-law then gives her blessing and tries to catch his nose.

3. There is another famous Indian wedding tradition which is quite funny. It is called the Saptapadi. In this custom, the groom assists the bride in touching seven betel nuts with her toe of right foot. During this time the couple recite seven vows. After this ritual seven married women who belong to the bride’s family slowly pass by the couple and while passing each of these seven women whispers a blessing in the right ear of the bride.

4. Aeki Beki is a really hilarious and fun game that is played by the bride and groom once they reach the house of the groom after wedding. They are provided a liquid mixture of water, milk and sindoor. Coins and rings are then hidden in this mixture and whoever has success finding the ring more times out of seven is said to rule the household in the future.

5. In some Indian weddings, when the groom arrives at the bride’s home, he gently places his foot over the bride’s to show his support to the bride. His feet are then washed by the bride’s mother with milk and water.

Source by Jyotsna Jo Ramoni

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