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Really really good. I smoked two chickens (full chickens spatchcocked) outside at 300-325 (ish — that’s a hot smoking temp) for three hours, and sauced the chicken the last hour. Really flavorful, the sauce had a nice kick to it. Started the marinade in the morning.

wburosAustin Tx06/21/20

I am a little confused about the seasoning! The barbecue seasoning recipe makes 1/2 cup, and the recipe calls for 5 TBSP should I have some left over?


This turned out excellent, and I’ve made it twice. Both times the chicken temperature stalled as soon as you begin to sauce. They sort of lingered at 140 until you start to put them back over direct heat. Since thighs are so forgiving, you can probably wait until they reach 155-160 before beginning to sauce and turn. The Juneteenth spread in the issue has a lot of great recipes, and the seasoning is used frequently. Great issue to pick up. I also made the potato salad and shrimp crackers. The crackers were wonderful.

greengoFalls Church, VA06/18/20

That barbecue sauce is heavenly!! If I’m not making the chicken again I’ll definitely be making that sauce. The recipe was super easy to follow and I even added some drumstick to accompany the chicken thighs. Really great barbecue!

groseoWisconsin 06/15/20

This is the only BBQ chicken recipe you ever need. 10/10 Don’t skip any steps. I liked that the lemon flavor came through even with all the other spices.

ginahemmings6613Denver, CO06/14/20

The sauce in this recipe is awesome! It has a good balance of sweetness and spice with some acid from the lemon. I cooked the recipe with a spatchcocked chicken instead of thighs and it came out great.


Delicious and easy to use pantry ingredients – great to satisfy that smoky and sweet bbq chicken craving

AnonymousWestchester NY06/11/20

The BBQ seasoning and sauce was very tasty. I would use 1 lemon and the juice next time. I ended up using 2 medium-large lemons and the chicken ended up having a really strong lemon flavor that did not mesh the best with the BBQ sauce.

CalebRSalt Lake City, Utah06/10/20

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