Studio Sound Engineer | Jobs in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE by A Government Entity in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

Job Purpose

Supervising and operating a recording studio including structuring projects (e.g. freelancer selections), managing bookings & recording sessions, managing client expectations, ensuring high quality recordings, mixing and mastering. Communicating in Arabic and English is a must.

Core Responsibilities

Lead studio recording operations and in particular:

• Follow instructions and details from directors, producers etc

• Select, hire and supervise freelancers/musicians for the recording activities

• Coordinate with artists, producers, managers, and clients to schedule recording sessions and manage bookings

• Record, mix and master audio tracks (instruments, vocals etc.)

• Work with video editors to synchronize video with audio tracks

• Create and maintain sound/music libraries

• Attract new clients through networking with the local community

• Ensure client satisfaction

• Schedule and supervise routine maintenance of equipment to ensure longevity and maximize their value

Other requirements

• Native Arabic and Fluent English are a must

• Because the work involves juggling schedules and dealing with last-minute changes and unexpected complications, it is vital for studio engineer to be flexible and cool-headed, and to have excellent problem-solving skills.

• In addition, being organized and detail-oriented helps them prepare for upcoming sessions, as well as manage complex schedules.

• Communication and networking abilities are valuable.

• Business hours are largely standard, although studio engineer need to be flexible in special assignment (e.g. VIP recording).

Educational Qualifications:

• Degree in Audio/Sound engineering or related field

Professional Qualifications

• Knowledge of recording sessions and studio operations, including production and post-production

• Knowledge of the different technical recording equipment (incl. software and hardware)

• Experience with sound recording, mixing and mastering

• Technical knowledge of sound engineering techniques (e.g. Equalization)

• Networking and artist relations

Years of Experience

• +5 years of experience in recording engineers, mixing engineers, or producers

A government entity in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

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