The 10 Most Popular Recipes of August 2020

Sorry to be a glum Captain Obvious, but summer is now closer to its end than its sweet beginnings. Somehow—really, HOW?!—September is upon us, and to commiserate, the data lords say we’ve all been making the most of our last warm weeks with recipes that share two unique qualities: 1) They’re easy (read: simple ingredients, no arduous cook time, foolproof deliciousness) 2) They overfloweth with fresh summer produce, which, duh, is at its peak perfection right now. (Run, don’t walk, to your nearest farmers market!) This month’s batch of recipes are the kind of bright seasonal dishes that make me want to belly flop into a natural body of water, feel the grass between my quaran-toes, and double-fist a couple of shandies. We’re talking about Brigid Washington’s ultra-zesty six-ingredient chicken thighs. Chaat bursting with sweet corn and juice-down-your-wrists peaches. Sohla El-Waylly’s adobo-style eggplant in all its crispy-creamy glory. So for the love of all that is sun-kissed and good, here are this month’s most popular recipes, starting with No. 1.

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