The Amazing Widget Review

First let me thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read my ezine article. It’s all about the latest earn money online guide and method to be released in 2010, the amazing widget.

So what is the widget and what makes it amazing?

Well, first off, I’m not so sure. What’s amazing about this widget product?.

It is an automated advertising viral robot, or just your every day ad widget… you and everyone else can place on their web sites and blog’s?

According to the author, it’s viral… so viral it as the possibility of really ranking up your affiliate marketing commissions, from the work of other site and blog owners.

So let’s concentrate on that fact… will it explode your affiliate earnings like never before?.

Earning money online is hard work at the best of time’s. So my guess would be, if you can get it out there in the right places and make it stick then I yes, it would help you to make more affiliate commissions.

However, you are going to have to work hard to achieve it.

The only way I can see this working out for you is if the little ad widget actually does its job and get’s people’s attention.

You get two chances with this. It’s two ad’s combined in the amazing widget that you place on all the free sites and personal web pages/blog’s you can lay your hands on.

Side Note: Don’t spam this around all the free blog’s and sites, it’s not nice… know one like’s it and search engines don’t index spam.

The biggest problem is saturation since everyone is involved and is part of the big popular site’s meaning that those that got there first and deployed this widget are going to reap the benefit’s.

However, those that were slow to get of the mark will find it difficult to get anyone to move this around the web for them.

The viral aspects of this product, is the second ad built in to the amazing widget. When someone grabs this and deploy’s it on their own niche sites, which is most unlikely going to happen you can get 50% revenue share from their marketing efforts…” If you grabbed it from someone else’s blog or social network page, you are also going to be sharing 50% of your CB revenue”.

See where I’m going with this.

It rotates your affiliate links along with their affiliate links, So don’t be surprised if you suddenly find you have a commission in your click bank account for selling a “how to change your babies nappy e-book”.

So my guess is this widget is destined for the free web sites/weblog’s, Facebook and my-space along with all the other well loved social site’s people hangout on.

Conclusion: And this is only my own personal opinion.

Con’s: It will take some up front work to spread this around the web to start with. There are only so many high traffic free site’s and social network’s you can put this on. Any personal pages you have like my-space, Facebook, twitter Google’s groups will need your followers to place this on their own pages… and also deploy it on their own blog’s. Do you have their attention and respect for them to do that?.

Pro’s: If you can take all the above and turn them into pro’s then grab this widget now.

Source by Steve Wood

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