The Crown: Everything You Need to Know About the Future of the Netflix Drama

So many Princess Dianas, so little time. 

Just a few days after the announcement that Elizabeth Debicki will play Princess Diana on The Crown, Netflix debuted a teaser trailer for The Crown starring Emma Corrin as the late princess. While the news makes total sense to those who are really keyed into the fact that The Crown films in two-season chunks and replaces the entire cast every two seasons, anyone else may be a little confused. 

Plus, we can’t forget that originally, The Crown was always supposed to go six seasons, then creator Peter Morgan announced that it would end after five, and then he changed his mind and went back to six. Who could blame you for getting kinda lost? 

We’re here to help with a full explainer as to what’s airing and when and who’s playing who and when, so grab your tea and your scones and prepare to get royally excited for three more years of intense royal stares. 

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