The Death Scenes On “Animals Of Farthing Wood” Traumatised All Of Us

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This show was seriously hardcore.

It’s been 25 years since Animals of Farthing Wood finished its three-season stint on TV, but let me tell you, no one who ever watched a single episode of this series will forget the emotional trauma that it inflicted upon them.


’00s kids grew up on wholesome animal tales like Peppa Pig and Curious George, but they never knew the true reality of loss and hardship in the animal kingdom.

For those who were spared the viewing experience (or spent years of therapy blocking it out), allow me to enlighten you on the show’s premise: It centres on a group of animals who are forced to flee their homes after humans begin bulldozing the woods to make way for houses.

Led by Fox, Toad, Badger and a motley crew of other woodland creatures, the animals journey from Farthing Wood to a nature reserve called White Deer Park — seeking protection from the unending cruelty of humanity.


“Oh, but that sounds so wholesome,” I hear you argue, “Whatever could go wrong?!”

Well, what follows is 39 episodes of absolute carnage and mayhem, where various animals are shot, skewered, run down, burned alive, drowned, poisoned or just plain bludgeoned to death.


Like this^^^. This is seriously a scene from this show. A children’s show.

These animals straight up murdered one another for the fun of it.

Not for food and not as a means of self-defence, but just so they could feel something.

Or maybe to enact some sort of personal revenge.

Of course, humans were also waltzing around, ready to shoot your favourite character in a heartbeat.

And this scary hench owl was always on the lookout for danger.

Then you were just left to watch the other animals sit around and grieve their fallen comrades.

Or cry mournfully for their children.

But the most twisted part about this? Despite all of the above, I absolutely loved this show. All ’90s kids did. Was it horrendously traumatising? YES. But goddamn, it was impossible to turn it off.

FOX / BuzzFeed

Accurate footage of eight-year-old me, feeding the pain.

And perhaps therein lies the answer as to why millennials are so fucked up?

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