The Magic of the Moscow Circus

Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard is a legend. Period. Almost 130 years old, it’s among the best of its kind – both in Russia and abroad.

Surely, it’s got great acrobats, beautiful dancers, exotic tamers and daredevil horse riders, but there’s also another reason why it’s so special for every Russian. Yuri Nikulin.

A famous clown and actor, he always looked clumsy and slightly sad. This little man with a big heart made me laugh through tears and learn a great deal about life.

An outstanding person! His monument is right outside the circus, and even there he is portrayed in his clown outfit!

There’re lots and lots of performances of any kind. I won’t list them here-there’s simply not enough space on the page. Come with kids – the entertainers will make sure they don’t get bored!

If you’re lucky, you may get to the famous “Chocolate” show. The name speaks for itself, and if you’re a sweet tooth – the memories of that delicious show will stay with you for the rest of your life!

…and did you see the tamers? Things they do are really, truly, TOTALLY dangerous! They are playing with tigers like they were kittens!

My breath stops every time I see that. And when you think it couldn’t be more thrilling – the acrobats enter the stage. And it goes on like this – there is always another trick that stuns you even more.

Some say the circus is outdated. After all, who needs it in our digital age? Well, I totally disagree! Nothing can replace the beat of the stage, the thrill and awe of viewers, the live stunts where you can fail only once…

The TV just doesn’t give you that intensity. It’s like comparing theater with a cinema. Both of them are good in a way, but the theater is much more alive!

So don’t miss your chance!

Source by Anton B

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