The Maxi Dress – Perfect For Any Occasion

The maxi dress is defined as a dress or skirt that has an ankle length hemline.They are made to be comfortable and are versatile in that they can be worn in many different ways. These dresses are available in a variety of materials and can be styled to wear to just about any occasion. Easy to dress up for a more important occasion or paired with a cute pair of sandals for a casual gather, here are a few tips on how you can dress up a maxi dress for any occasion:

• A jacket or shrug can quickly turn your maxi dress from a casual everyday outfit to something to be worn on the town. Depending on the jacket and accessories you couple with it, it can made to look semi-formal or more casual to fit any occasion.

• Shoes help to make the outfit. Pair it with heels to dress it up or a great pair of sandals for a casual gathering with friends.Worn with boots suddenly your maxi dress has gone country, and pumps can create a vintage style for everyday occasions or dressy events.

• One accessory that can be used to dramatically change the look of the maxi dress is a belt. You can use a belt to create a defined waistline. A belt can be used when the maxi is folded or rolled to make it shorter. Or a belt can be simply used as an accessory to add a pop of color or style.

• Maxi dresses are typically ankle length, but can be styled in many ways to make it shorter or create a varied hemline. One of the most common ways to shorten it is to roll or fold it at the waste. Another option is to use safety pins to create an even length or to create a ruffled or curved hemline. Standard maxi skirt can be turned into sexy style by using them at bust height and rolling up the length to create a shorter skirt, or couple with pins to create a dramatic look.

• Using pins or scarves you can turn your maxi dress or skirt into a halter dress or one shoulder dress. The pins allow you to create new styles simply by the way that you push and pull the material.

• Paired with a shirt your maxi shirt or dress will look dramatically different. With a simple shirt on top you’ll create a very casual outfit that can be worn for work or play. Add a lace top and suddenly you have created a dramatic dressy outfit for date night.

• Add a scarf as an accessory the same you would a belt, around the neckline, or as a halter over the bust line. A scarf can add that little bit of drama to quickly dress up your maxi dress as well as be used to change the style and fit.

Your maxi dress can be the perfect outfit for that casual trip to the beach, wearing to work with a cute pair of sandals, or dressed up with a jacket and heels for date night. With the right accessories, your maxi dress can take you from work to play every day.

Source by Selina X Tsang

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