The Negative Effects of Social Media on Children

Social media is presently considered to be part of one’s life. It’s very addicting that almost everybody’s daily routine includes the use of social media in one way or another. In fact, it takes much time to the point that the important things are forgotten or intentionally ignored. Even children nowadays are into it. Gone are the days when they only play the traditional games for they too are now addicted with it. With this, most parents are worrying because of its effects to their children.

Health Concerns

Studies show that the excessive use of social media can have a negative effect on children’s health such as psychological disorders; namely anxiety and depression to name a few. It may also affect their eyesight if they are spending too much time on it every day, specifically on computer games. In addition to that they may obtain spasm if right after playing online games they will immediately wash hands. If taken for granted, children will be more vulnerable to future health problems.

Social Concerns

Children who are always using internet particularly social networking sites are least likely to develop social skills. Since they are already exposed to virtual reality at an early age mingling with other friends online, they cannot develop well their communication skills because they are not used to meeting other people face to face. It is very much different in actual social interaction on a first hand basis.

Behavioral Concerns

Most likely, children who are fond of social networking are prone to bad influences. At times, they want to emulate some of their online friends with their fashion statement, vulgar language, and even violent actions which are very unbecoming. They may also learn dishonesty and victimize their parents. Sometimes they tend to argue with their parents because laziness started to develop in them that lead to disobedience.

Emotional Concerns

Sometimes children tend to develop apathy because of social media. As you can see, there are many fake accounts in social networking sites of crazy people trying to fool around never mind if they hurt the feelings of other people. Now if a child was once a prey, then they too might do the same to get even.

Intellectual Concerns

Due to the amount of time spent on playing online games or enjoying Facebook features, most children have no more time to study their lessons. Worse, instead of learning in the academe the more important subjects, they show more interest on the latest Facebook apps. Their mental capacity cannot be sharpened well because of the distractions brought about by social media.

Moral Concerns

This is indeed very disheartening for parents to know that their children are already watching pornographic videos online that instantly popped out while chatting with their friends. Imagine a 10 year old boy watching a XXX movie, learn to masturbate immediately and if not yet satisfied will find a partner to engage in sexual acts. Disgusting, isn’t it? It seems unrealistic, but the truth is, there are many reports like these headlining daily newspapers worldwide.

Many parents are very worried with the way their children are using social media. Nevertheless, these can be prevented if both parents are responsible enough to monitor their children’s activities. Proper guidance is the key to this problem. If parents will implement their authority in a justifiable manner, then they will not encounter problems in dealing with their children.

Source by Glenn Tuastomban

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