Tips for Buying a Leather Watch for Your Man

Buying a leather watch may seem a difficult decision. After all, most men are so critical with their watches and other accessories. In this article, I will provide tips on how to buy your very first leather watch for your man.

Here are a few practical tips in buying the leather watch without all the headaches and confusion:

Choose Elegant Watches

Elegant watches are timeless and can be worn in many occasions. You can also opt to wear it the office, dates, or in special events. Elegant watches are also considered manly especially if they fit well and are streamlined in design. Just make sure that the leather is not only elegant but also of top quality and durable.

Choose Silver or Platinum over Gold

As far as finishes are concerned, gold in leather may not be a good fit. It is strongly advised that you opt for silver or platinum finishes with your leather watches. The reason for this is that gold may be difficult to match with your formal clothing. Gold does not go well with black. Since most formal and semi formal pieces of clothing are usually in black, then you might have lesser options; unless, of course, you want to look like a bumblebee.

Fashionable Designs

If you want to be edgy, there are leather watches with large quadratic displays and cases. These styles are very fashionable. Large faces in unique shapes such as oblong and barrel are also great ways to make a statement. Just try to be classic as much as possible but with these modern twists. You want your watch to be fashionable for many years to come. Being too trendy might force to change your watch in a year or two.

The Technical Features

If you intend to buy a high end watch, you need to look at the technical features. Aside from the look, you want the time piece to be as functional as possible. For a short overview about technical features, you can either try the mechanical or the quartz version. The ones with mechanical movement are usually pricier while there are counterparts using the quartz technology at the same level of accuracy but at cheaper costs.


In conclusion, you need to be very vigilant with your leather watch purchase. But with these tips, you will surely have much success. As a final tip, just make sure that you get a warranty for your product.

Source by Paul De Vizard

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