Tips On How To Tune Up Your Refrigerator

Dealing with a broken refrigerator is very stressful. I’ve dealt with a few refrigerator problems in the past. Furthermore, broken and inefficient fridges that are not often maintained usually consume more energy.

Tuning up your fridge periodically is imperative. It is one way of adding more years to this home appliance. Use the following tips to fine-tune your refrigerator:

1. Clean the condenser.

If you have a car, the condenser pretty much resembles the functions of a car radiator. However, the functions of a fridge’s condenser are slightly more complex.

You need to minimize the accumulation of dirt in the condenser. Not cleaning it regularly can actually prevent the refrigerator from cooling. It also prompts the machine to use more energy in lowering down the temperature of the fridge.

Use a special brush found in appliance stores to clean this part of the machine. There are generally two types of condensers in most modern refrigerators. The first one is the static kind. This is directly located at the back of the fridge. The second one is the condenser coil with a fan motor. You can find this inside the card-board part of the machine. It hides the bottom floor area of the refrigerator.

2. Check the door gasket.

The gasket seals the door and prevents cold air inside the machine from escaping. If this is not sealing properly, the machine will run all the time. It will work harder in lowering the temperature inside. It also leads to the pre-mature frosting of the evaporator.

One way to test the gasket is to insert a piece of paper in between the gasket and the fridge. Try removing the paper. If you can easily pull it out, you probably need to replace the gasket.

3. Check the drain and remove collected water.

The defrost heater of the machine tends to melt ice. The excess water drains into the pan that is usually located at the bottom part of the fridge. If you don’t regularly remove collected water, it might spill and cause leaking. It might also make your refrigerator stink.

Use a hair dryer to melt the frost that has collected in the evaporator. It should pass directly to the drain pan. Remove the pan and clean it out. You should unplug your fridge before doing this. You might also want to remove the contents of the machine as water might drain inside the machine.

These are the simple tips that you would want to follow when fine-tuning your refrigerator.

Source by Alan Cassidy

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