Top 5 LCD TV Furniture Designs For Inspiration

LCD TVs are big, and they can be decor issues. There’s a whole range of options for making your LCD TV part of your home. You’ll be pleased to hear that a big TV doesn’t really mean big problems in terms of décor. There are some easy options and simple tricks to turn the TV into a décor asset.

Wall units

Wall units are one of the great space savers, and they’re also good presentation. You can actually open up some areas in rooms, giving you more floor space. Better still, this also allows for other décor features, including valuable storage space.

Good wall mounts are very reliable, and the only real issues are with wall surfaces. You can get a wall mount set up in a few minutes, firmly bolted with no further attention required. They’re often good for big systems, where speakers or other space consuming add-ons are involved.

Basic space management

Floor space defines space management. Big TVs obviously create a few space situations, but they can help solve space problems, too. A good adjustable or solid home entertainment unit can help remove clutter, and organize cables and other fittings.

Some of these units are beautiful as décor, particularly the nice finished wood motifs and designs. On the purely practical side, you can also have things like big DVD collections finally under full control, instantly. This means you don’t have to do any furniture moving, or other major hard labor, either.

Setting up, lighting, and other considerations

How you set up a TV system is very much a matter of personal taste. With an LCD TV, you can even improve picture quality and power consumption at the same time. A good TV nook can reduce light impact on the TV, and reduces the need for high resolution, power guzzling adjustments on your set to compensate for lighting issues.

Home entertainment suites

Home entertainment units can be fully tailored to an existing setting, with no real effort required. You can get excellent quality entertainment units, fully adjustable, which will actually create three dimensional space for you. These units real are organizers. You’ll even have space for magazines, books and toys.

Top of the range entertainment units and home theatre setups

The big home theatre setups can be complex, and you will need to think about how and where you set things up. By far the best option is a very simple layout, centered on a good big TV which can deal with everything you want on your home theatre. It’s worth investing in a good brand name TV where you get reliability and quality, like aSamsung LCD TV, as your centerpiece.

These TVs are also industry standard, so you’re not going to have any problems with hooking up to any home theatre system. You can even hook up your computer to these big screens, and really sit back and enjoy your TV in whole new ways, with surround sound.

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